Balloon Decorations Specially Customised For You !

Having an upcoming birthday party? In the midst of planning an event and are having trouble with the decorations for the event?

Worry no more! We have it covered for you ! 

Speaking of decorations, balloons are always the to-go solution as it brings out the theme and colours of an event. Whether it is for a wedding, anniversary, school event, birthday party or any festive event.We have just the right balloon decoration for the right occasion specially customized for you!

One of the decorations that I will be introducing to you today, will be our balloon name and number decoration! This is an item that is well-loved by many because of it’s exquisite and well-made appearance.

Balloon Number Display Decoration Singapore

Balloon Foil Number Decorations Singapore Balloon Number Decorations with Helium Balloons

Balloon Number Sculpture Decorations

Well … doesn’t that look astonishing?

The good news is that you can now have it for your own or for your loved ones today at an affordable rate that will definitely be worth the beauty of it. Each and every balloon we make is specially customized for each of our customers.

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Customized Balloon Decorations

Here in That Balloons, our balloon artists have done hundreds of customized balloon decorations for various events in Singapore! From birthday party to a large-scale landscape decoration in a shopping mall, our balloon artists are experienced in setting up these balloon decor at various type of venues in Singapore!

Below are a few balloon arch decorations our balloon artists have done!

Popcorn and Candies Balloon Arch.

Candies and Popcorn Balloon Arch

Customised Letters on Balloon Arch

Customised Letters on Balloon Arch

Customised Letters on Spiral Balloon Arch

Foil Balloon Letters on Balloon Arch

Large Balloon Number Display

Large Balloon Number Decoration Display

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