Balloon Columns

Balloon Columns Decoration

From a simple balloon column design to a customised theme balloon columns decocration, we have done it all! These balloon columns served as a decorative pillars at your event, or using it as signage to let your guest know the direction to your event! The possibilities are endless. Contact our friendly sales assistant and let us know how we can help decorate your event today!

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Office Balloon DecorationsStandard Balloon Columns

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Customised Balloon Columns

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Shooting Star Columns

Bending Balloon Star Columns

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Congratulatory Balloon Stand

Shop Opening Balloon Stand Singapore

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We can customised the balloon columns design according to your needs. Check out other designs of our balloon columns below:

Need more balloon decorations for your event venue in Singapore? Contact us to enquire now!

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Looking for other types of balloon decorations in Singapore? We are a balloon decorations specialist in Singapore that can customise anything with balloons according to your needs. Contact us today for more information!

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Graduation Balloon Decorations in Singapore

That Balloons presents our new graduation balloon decorations in Singapore! Here we have set up a grass wall backdrop with organic balloon garland that serve as a great photo booth backdrop! Our gold foil wording can be customised accordingly as well.

Create a memorable moment by having your students’ graduation photo taken against a fabulous backdrop today!

Grass Wall Backdrop with Organic Balloon Garland Decoration Die Cut Gold Letters Wording Singapore

Other than having a graduation backdrop for photo taking, consider having a balloon entrance arch to welcome your students into the auditorium and some helium balloon bundles to fill up the empty spaces in the hall!

White and Gold Spiral Balloon Arch Decoration White and Gold Helium Balloon Bundles Decoration

We have done countless of balloon decorations for graduation ceremony over the last few years! Contact us now to find out how we can change the atmosphere of your space with just balloons!

Looking for balloon decoration company in Singapore to help decorate your upcoming event venue? We are here to help! Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out the our balloon concept and ideas to create the best balloon decoration experiences. From having your guest walking through a balloon arch, to having hundreds of balloons fall from the sky, you can expect “WOW” when engaging our balloon services.

Simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form. Our sales assistant will reply as soon as we receive your form!

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