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Balloon Columns Decoration

From a simple balloon column design to a customised theme balloon columns decocration, we have done it all! These balloon columns served as a decorative pillars at your event, or using it as signage to let your guest know the direction to your event! The possibilities are endless. Contact our friendly sales assistant and let us know how we can help decorate your event today!

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Office Balloon DecorationsStandard Balloon Columns

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Customised Balloon Columns

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Shooting Star Columns

Bending Balloon Star Columns

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Congratulatory Balloon Stand

Shop Opening Balloon Stand Singapore

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We can customised the balloon columns design according to your needs. Check out other designs of our balloon columns below:

Need more balloon decorations for your event venue in Singapore? Contact us to enquire now!

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Looking for other types of balloon decorations in Singapore? We are a balloon decorations specialist in Singapore that can customise anything with balloons according to your needs. Contact us today for more information!

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Exploding Balloon Special Effect

Here we introduce our exploding balloon special effect for grand opening ceremony in Singapore. That Balloons had done multiple special effects with balloons such as balloon release, balloon wall unveiling, exploding balloon wall, and here’s a simple exploding giant balloons to unveil our client’s logo signage on their grand opening ceremony at Paragon Shopping Mall!

Exploding Balloon Effect Grand Opening Singapore

Exploding Balloon Special Effect

This exploding balloon special effect is controlled by one of our balloon specialist using a wireless remote to activate the mechanism. Exploding balloon is safe, and doesn’t use any fire or sharp objects to burst the balloons. We also insert a few small chrome gold balloons and gold confetti in the giant balloons for it to drop in front of the VIPs.

Exploding Giant Balloon Effect Singapore

Served as a perfect balloon decorations before the event starts, the balloon set up will get everyone excited have a blast watching the explosion of the balloons that unveil the logo signage.

Grand Opening Balloon Exploding Effect Singapore Grand Opening Special Effect Set up

Here’s a short clip of how our exploding balloon effect looks like:

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