Bouncy Castle

Being a balloon specialist, we also provide inflatable bouncy castles rental, water sports inflatable obstacles, advertising balloons, spectacular balloon effects and many other large-scale balloon equipments! You name it, we have it!

Here’s our new Dragon Playground Inflatable Obstacle for rent!

We are proud to be the affiliate partner with Big Top, the leading Carnival Event Planner in Singapore! With more than 40 inflatable games and bouncy castles rental to choose from, you can never go wrong with us! Contact our sales assistant, Chinbee Aw, to arrange the equipment you need at NO additional mark-up commission cost!

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Bouncy Castle and Inflatable Equipments


Creative designed bouncy castles rental for birthday party and events have never failed to get the attention of both children and adults! It can also be also served as a decoration purpose at an event due to the attractiveness of its design.


As compared to many companies in Singapore, our bouncy castle are highly affordable for rent!


Our inflatables bounce castles materials are PVC Tarpaulin and PVC cover, the best quality for inflatables. It is strong and heavy. However, we restrict adults from jumping on our small  inflatables to prevent any damages.


Setting up an bouncy castle is fast. Taking from 10mins – 30mins depending on the size of the inflatables.


We have a wide range of bouncy castle for you to choose from! Please contact us to get the full list of our bouncy castles! Also, we are able to customised our giant advertising inflatable balloons to your event’s needs. Additional charges apply for customisation.


With more than 10 years of experience in the event’s industry, we have been providing good quality and hassle-free rental services for all our clients. Any unforeseen circumstances that our bouncy castle is down, we will get another one send over as soon as possible with no additional charges.

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Organic Balloon Garland Decor in Singapore

That Balloons offers the best organic balloon garland decor in Singapore! With over 50 colours to choose from, customisable size and experienced team of local balloon artists, your party decor can never go wrong! We have provide our balloon decoration services to more than 1000 parties and events over the last few years!

Large Organic Balloon Arch Decor in Singapore

From small-scale birthday party to large-scale decor set up, we are known for keeping our price reasonable, yet going the extra miles create a memorable balloon decor design for our clients.

Let’s talk about organic balloon garland decor…

Organic Balloon Garland Decor in Singapore

Organic balloon decor is form by different sizes of round balloons in attempts to mimic the beauty of nature with organically placed balloons throughout the piece. When organic decor is put together well, there is an elegant design that comes together and can really set the mood of an event space. Some of us sees it as a bubble balloon decor while others look at it as cloud balloon decor… No matter what people refer it as, organic balloon garland decor is a trend that is here to stay.

Below are some of the organic balloon garland decor we have done this year 2022:

Entrance Organic Balloon Garland

Birthday Organic Balloon Garland Decor Organic Balloon Garland Entrance Decor Entrance Organic Balloon Garland Decor

Organic Balloon Garland Decor on Grass Wall

Organic Balloon Garland on Grass Wall Backdrop Rental

Organic Balloon Garland for PartyOrganic Balloon Garland Decor on backdrop Organic Balloon Garland Decor with helium balloon bundles Orange and White Organic Balloon Garland Decor

Organic Balloon Garland for Party

Organic Balloon Garland Decor for Hire Happy Birthday Organic Balloon Garland Decor

Organic Balloon Garland Birthday Decor

Organic Balloon Garland on railing

Organic Balloon Garland Decor

Organic Balloon columns

Balloon number 11 display

Organic Balloon Pillars Decor Singapore

Organic Hotair Balloon Production

Hotair Balloon Decor Singapore

Are you looking for other organic balloon garland decor designs? Contact us and let us know how we can help create the perfect balloon decorations that fit into the theme of your party or event!

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You can also order our organic balloon garland decor package here!

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