Organic Balloon Garland Decor in Singapore

That Balloons offers the best organic balloon garland decor in Singapore! With over 50 colours to choose from, customisable size and experienced team of local balloon artists, your party decor can never go wrong! We have provide our balloon decoration services to more than 1000 parties and events over the last few years!

Large Organic Balloon Arch Decor in Singapore

From small-scale birthday party to large-scale decor set up, we are known for keeping our price reasonable, yet going the extra miles create a memorable balloon decor design for our clients.

Let’s talk about organic balloon garland decor…

Organic Balloon Garland Decor in Singapore

Organic balloon decor is form by different sizes of round balloons in attempts to mimic the beauty of nature with organically placed balloons throughout the piece. When organic decor is put together well, there is an elegant design that comes together and can really set the mood of an event space. Some of us sees it as a bubble balloon decor while others look at it as cloud balloon decor… No matter what people refer it as, organic balloon garland decor is a trend that is here to stay.

Below are some of the organic balloon garland decor we have done this year 2022:

Entrance Organic Balloon Garland

Birthday Organic Balloon Garland Decor Organic Balloon Garland Entrance Decor Entrance Organic Balloon Garland Decor

Organic Balloon Garland Decor on Grass Wall

Organic Balloon Garland on Grass Wall Backdrop Rental

Organic Balloon Garland for PartyOrganic Balloon Garland Decor on backdrop Organic Balloon Garland Decor with helium balloon bundles Orange and White Organic Balloon Garland Decor

Organic Balloon Garland for Party

Organic Balloon Garland Decor for Hire Happy Birthday Organic Balloon Garland Decor

Organic Balloon Garland Birthday Decor

Organic Balloon Garland on railing

Organic Balloon Garland Decor

Organic Balloon columns

Balloon number 11 display

Organic Balloon Pillars Decor Singapore

Organic Hotair Balloon Production

Hotair Balloon Decor Singapore

Are you looking for other organic balloon garland decor designs? Contact us and let us know how we can help create the perfect balloon decorations that fit into the theme of your party or event!

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You can also order our organic balloon garland decor package here!

Balloon Arch Decor in Singapore 2022

That Balloons offer Balloon Arch Decor in Singapore 2022! With over 300 of customised designs, our team of balloon artists have done more than 1000 balloon arches since we started back in 2008! Below are some of the recent balloon arches we have done at the start of this year 2022.

Balloon Arch Decor in Singapore 2022

A large balloon arch 5m x 3m done at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre!

Balloon Arch Decor in Singapore 2022 Customised Animal Balloon Arch Decor Singapore

Organic Balloon Arch set up for CIMB

Silver foil on balloon arch

Rectangle Balloon Arch Set up at Hotel Lobby

Rectangular arch with gold foil letters

Superhero Balloon Arch set up for a private birthday party!

Superhero Balloon Arch Decor

Large 4m x 3m balloon arch set up at Citroen Showroom

Big Balloon Arch Decor

Small Balloon Arch set up for a live video production

Blue red and yellow balloon arch

Balloon arch is a great way to welcome your guests at the entrance of the venue, and it also serves as a great backdrop for photo-taking as well! From customised balloon sculptures to matching the size of the arch and colours to the theme of your event or branding logo, our team is here to help create the best balloon decor that you want to have at your party or event!

Our balloon arch decor starts from just $280 only!  Contact us for more information today!

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We are also featured on Singapore Top 10 Best Balloon Decor company!

Organic Balloon Garland Decor

That Balloons offer organic balloon garland decor for parties and events in Singapore. Organic balloon garlands will beautify your business event or your private party and can come in all colours and shapes, matching your brand. Below are the recent organic balloon decor done by our in-house balloon artists:

Organic Balloon Garland for Birthday Party

Look no further with That Balloon’s specially curated Organic Balloon Garland that is here to make a statement and impress your guests! With over 50 different colours to choose from, contact us for a free consultation with our sales assistant today!

Balloon Garland Decoration

Tsum Tsum Themed Organic Balloon Garland

Organic Balloon Decor with doll sculpture Doll Balloon Sculpture with Organic Ballloon Garland Pinkish Organic Balloon Garland with Doll balloon Sculpture

Organic Balloon Garland with Grass Wall Backdrop Decor

Our Greenery Walls form a beautiful backdrop for your next organic balloon garland. They are available in dark green or light green colours that suits various parties or events! Whether you are hosting a birthday party, graduation ceremony or even a corporate event, our organic balloon garland with grass wall backdrop decor will definitely fits into your venue perfectly!

Organic Balloon Garaland with Green Grass Backdrop


Peachy Organic Balloon Garland

Dreamy Organic Balloon Garland with Green Grass backdrop Pinkish Organic Balloon Garland with Green Grass Backdrop

Organic Balloon Garland with Lighted Words Decor

Currently, That Balloons do offer lighted letter displays with organic balloon garland decoration for both indoor and outdoor events, the combination of these two decorations surely impress your guests. The price of it is reasonable.  With a string of LED lights, the letters can be easily illuminated and appear extremely professional. Customised your own short messages or meaningful numbers to give out a romantic ambiance that brings your event a superior look and experience.

Classy Organic Balloon Garland with Lighted Letter Displays

Organic Balloon Garland Stage Decor

Organic balloon garland is a fascinating style of decoration that is suitable for private parties and events. Apart from a usual balloon arch, the organic balloon garland decoration will always seem unique, even if it is assembled with the same amount of balloons, colors, and installed by the same artist.

Blue Coral Organic Balloon Garland

Large Organic Balloon Garland with 3 Shades of Blue Organic Balloon Garland in Three Shades of Blue


Organic balloon garland is a stunning balloon decorations that tries to recreate the beauty of nature by using spontaneously arranged balloons throughout the piece. If you’re seeking for balloon decorations for your event, be sure to engage with our friendly sales assistant and ask for more photos of our gorgeous balloon decorations. That Balloons is always here to bring your special occasions to the next level. Creating the ideal celebratory atmosphere to cater to your demand. We believe our balloon decorations will enhance your celebrations all year long! Hopefully, we will be able to provide the most incredible balloon decorations to create everlasting moments for you!

Auspicious Balloon Firecrackers in Singapore

Auspicious Balloon Firecrackers in Singapore

That Balloons is a renowned balloon decoration company based in Singapore, with over ten years of expertise in the specific field. We’ve decorated hundreds of balloons for a variety of occasions and events. Allow us to be your balloon artists to make impressive balloon decorations for your events, and employ one of our talented in-house balloon artists to make your event becomes memorable.

Balloon Firecrackers

Environment Friendly Balloon Firecrackers

Setting off firecrackers is an indispensable and essential celebratory pastime to celebrate the arrival of Chinese New Year, ranging from big displays in major cities to millions of individual gatherings in rural regions. It’s a means to fight against evil and welcome the arrival of the new year.  However, due to safety concerns, our government has enforced Dangerous Fireworks Act to protect people from this dangerous activity.

Firecrackers Balloon e1643363428877

Balloon Firecrackers Popping Relay To Kick Off the Festivals

Balloon Firecracker is an updated version of the traditional firecrackers that have been deemed unfit and dangerous in Singapore.  Our auspicious balloon firecrackers are made to pop balloons and emit firecracker-like noises. The sound of firecrackers bring us back to the good old days and create strong festive ambience.

Our Balloon Firecrackers effect comes with the following items:

  • Auspicious CNY Balloon Firecracker Equipment
  • Inflating of 188 red balloons
  • Setting up with string for VIP to pull
  • Delivery and collection of equipment

= $388/-

Chinese New Year is around the corner, what are you waiting for? Quickly enquire with That Balloons to get more information about our auspicious balloon firecrackers to kick start the Year of Tiger, Rawr!

Besides, the balloon firecrackers can serve as an unique opening ceremony prop to add excitement to the celebration as well as a decoration to your event to hype up the festive season of Chinese New Year. We believe our balloon firecrackers surely help you host the best event possible.

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Party Balloon Decoration Company in Singapore

That Balloons is an experienced local party balloon decoration company in Singapore that offers a wide range of customised balloon services. Over the years, we have done balloon decorations for private parties and events!

Our one-stop balloon decoration services cover a wide range of balloon decor items such as balloon arch, balloon pillars, organic balloon garland, customised balloon sculptures and many more. Below are some of the recent balloon decorations done by our in-house balloon artists:

Rainbow Balloon Decoration

Organic Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration

Large Rainbow Balloon Decoration Singapore Organic Rainbow Balloon Cloud Decoration


Pastel Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration

Rainbow Arch with Mushroom


Rainbow Hot Air Balloon with Clouds Decoration

Hot Air Balloon Display

White and blue helium


Spiral Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration

Spiral Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration Spiral Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration with Words


Customised Balloon Sculpture Decoration

Our balloon artists can also customise your kids favourite balloon animals’ sculpture as well! Below are some of the customised balloon sculpture decorations we have done for our client’s private birthday party!

Giraffe and Monkey Arch

Balloon Giraffe Decoration in Singapore


Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

If you are looking for a classic balloon decoration for birthday party, you can consider having these trending organic balloon decoration as well! Great for a photo wall backdrop during cake-cutting ceremony, our organic balloon decoration length and size can be adjusted according to your living room wall size.

Organic Balloon Garland Decoration for Birthday Boy Organic Balloon Garland Decoration in Singapore

Organic Balloon Garland with Large Lighted Alphabet Display

Balloon Garland with Lighted Letters Rental

Balloon Number Display Decoration

Number Balloon Display

Our balloon arists are capable to customised any balloon decorations that you can think of. We are always willing to assist to deliver a blissful memory to your event with our balloon decorations. Feel free to approach to our friendly sales assistant for further discussion about the design of balloon decoration today!

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