Stunning Giant Balloon Cloud Decorations

That Balloons provide a wide range of balloon decorations services from the smallest birthday parties to the biggest corporate events, the sky’s the limit with our wide range of decorating options. Ever want to have a lighted giant balloon cloud decorations on your ceiling to wow your guest?

Giant Balloon Cloud Decorations

You may have seen those incredibility balloon landscape decorations online or social media, and you probably want to engage a credible event planner for your upcoming celebration. Our in-house professional balloon artists have over 10 years of experiences in sculpting balloons and balloon decorations, and we have done over a thousand party and event balloon decorations in Singapore! Here’s another stunning giant balloon cloud decorations we have done recently.

Lighted Balloon Cloud Decorations

This size of our balloon cloud decoration’s is customisable to the size of your ceiling. Light up your party or event with these amazing cloud balloons, or organic balloon decoration at your party or event venue today!

Cloud Balloon Decorations Singapore

Lighted Balloon Clouds in Singapore

Discover the full collection of our balloon decorations here.

Anniversary between you and your loved one is around the corner and yet have no idea what to get to surprise him or her? Contact us today to find out how we can decorate your venue with balloons to surprise your loved ones!

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Exploding Balloon Special Effect

Here we introduce our exploding balloon special effect for grand opening ceremony in Singapore. That Balloons had done multiple special effects with balloons such as balloon release, balloon wall unveiling, exploding balloon wall, and here’s a simple exploding giant balloons to unveil our client’s logo signage on their grand opening ceremony at Paragon Shopping Mall!

Exploding Balloon Effect Grand Opening Singapore

Exploding Balloon Special Effect

This exploding balloon special effect is controlled by one of our balloon specialist using a wireless remote to activate the mechanism. Exploding balloon is safe, and doesn’t use any fire or sharp objects to burst the balloons. We also insert a few small chrome gold balloons and gold confetti in the giant balloons for it to drop in front of the VIPs.

Exploding Giant Balloon Effect Singapore

Served as a perfect balloon decorations before the event starts, the balloon set up will get everyone excited have a blast watching the explosion of the balloons that unveil the logo signage.

Grand Opening Balloon Exploding Effect Singapore Grand Opening Special Effect Set up

Here’s a short clip of how our exploding balloon effect looks like:

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Trinity Church Balloon Decorations

Trinity Church Balloon Decorations

Are you still scrolling and searching “the best balloon decorations” on google? That Balloons offers impressive one-stop balloon decoration services in Singapore, our balloon artists are professional and with 10 years of experience in this specific field, they will assist you from planning balloon decor design to the on-site setup. Throughout the years, we have provide our balloon decorations services for over a thousand corporate events and private parties in Singapore. Let’s look at the recent balloon decorations we have done at Payar Lebar trinity church.

Spiral Pattern Balloon Arch

Balloon Entrance Arch for Hire Singapore Welcome Entrance Balloon Arch Singapore

The balloon arch is one of the great additional items to your event, it will build up the ambiance and bring a greater experience to all of the attendees. You may choose up to 4 different colours to form your personalise balloon arch. Trinity was having a few pairs of customised spiral balloon arches at the entrance to welcome their guests to the event. Their corporate colours, red and black were mainly used for event decoration, it will make attendees feel they are at the right event. ThatBalloons offers a wide range of balloon colours to cater to any themed events. You could choose to keep the balloon arch simple or leave a short message by having foil letter balloons on the arch, the word “WELCOME” and “Thank You” has been used frequently.

Foil Star Balloon Pillars

Balloon Pillar for Hire Singapore

Fill up the gaps between the registration counters with our classic balloon pillars. As well as leave a short customised message that you want to deliver to the attendees on the top balloon. There are some other interesting designs for balloon pillars are available if you find foil star balloon column is too common. Feel free to reach out to us for more amazing balloon pillar designs! Our experienced balloon artists are able to create any designs you have in your mind.

Venue Decoration with Balloons

Balloon Clusters on Railing Decorations

Is your event having the issue of insufficient manpower? No one is ushering your attendees due to the strict restriction during the pandemic period? Don’t worry! Let our team handle it. Turn the balloons into an ushering tool by tying them into a small cluster of 3 to 5 balloons. The shiny reflection of latex balloons on the railing or along the walkway will catch the attention of attendees and it will guide them to the correct place.

Giant Helium Balloons

Giant Helium Balloon DecorationsAre you getting bored with the ordinary helium balloons? Do check out our helium balloon decorations here, the enlargement of helium balloon with some small water drop shape latex balloons on the string has enhanced the entire design to the next level. This design is suitable for all occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, baby shower parties. ThatBalloons provides islandwide delivery of helium balloons.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales assistant if you have any similar events or small parties to host. We will try our best to deliver a high-standard balloon decoration service to you. Please call or WhatsApp us for any urgent enquiry.

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Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore

That Balloons is a one-stop party balloon company that specializes in customised party balloon decorations in Singapore for any occasion. We carry a wide variety of high-quality latex, foil, and helium balloons, and these are probably the best balloons you can get on your hands! Our balloon decorations’ services are available all across Singapore and are ideal for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, school celebrations etc

Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Decorate your party with an expansive range of colour balloons. These colorful latex balloons will add a sweet touch to your decorations. Rainbow balloons hanging on the ceiling or wall will never go wrong. It gives a dreamy ambience for the party and is also a great surprise birthday gift! Engage our balloon services if you want to have a colourful theme for your party, as we provide a wide option of colours for you to choose from.

Party Balloon Decoration Singapore


Organic Garland Balloon Decorations

Organic Balloon Garland decorations is always the perfect match for all occasions. There are 2 types of design available, it can either be in an “L” or “N” shape, every piece of balloon is assembled and fitted to a specific aesthetic way. It is rare to find an identical piece because all the balloons are unique in their own way. Therefore, guests will be amazed by seeing it at your party.

Organic Balloon Decoration Party Decoration Organic Garland Balloon Decoration Singapore


Number Balloon Display Decoration

Number Balloon Decoration Singapore

Birthday Balloon Number Decoration SingaporeWonder Woman Balloon Sculpture Number Balloon Decoration Display

How can you miss this number balloon display decoration if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary party?  Do let us know if you have no idea on what to choose or need any assistance, our team is willing to help and you may rest assured to leave it for our balloon artist to decide. We highly recommend adding customised sculptures to it to enhance the entire design.

Giant Balloon Number Decorations

Party Balloon Number Decoration

Shout out the birthday age with our giant balloon number decoration done purely using our eco-friendly latex balloons! The shiny surface is achieved by 3 different latex colors balloons, it could bring out luxury vibes to your party and also create a special experience for you and your guests.

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Giant Advertising Lighted Balloon Stand Rental

That Balloons is the direct supplier of giant advertising lighted balloon stand rental in Singapore. Our advertising lighted balloon stand comes with red, green, blue, white or warm light for you to choose from! Unlike many, our balloons are made from a waterproof and fire retardant material that is able to place outdoor and withstand the weather condition in Singapore.

Giant Lighted Balloon Stand Singapore Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand Rental Singapore

Giant Advertising Lighted Balloon Stand Rental

When you rent a giant advertising light balloon stand with us, That Balloons offer a 1 sided complimentary die-cut vinyl sticker installation of your logo on our balloon as well! Our balloon rental comes with the following items:

  • 1.6m diameter balloon
  • die-cut vinyl sticker installation
  • 3m height adjustable pole
  • strong heavy weight metal base plate
  • White cone cover
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Installation and set up
  • Repair and maintenance support
  • Dismantle and collection

Contact us for more information of our giant advertising lighted balloon stand rental.

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