Birthday Party Balloon Decorations Singapore

Party Balloon Decoration Packages in Singapore

That Balloons offer various party balloon decoration packages for your upcoming birthday party or event in Singapore! With over 10 years of experiences in balloon decorations and decorated over 1000 events in Singapore, you can be assured to have hired some of the top balloon artists in Asia!

Party Balloon Decoration Packages in Singapore

Organic Balloon Decorations for Birthday Party Singapore

If you are hosting a small birthday party or event, the following party balloon decoration packages will definitely suit your needs! Here we introduce 3 different organic balloon garland decorations for the best photo-taking experience during the cake-cutting ceremony:

$198 Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

  • 2m long balloon garland
  • Choose from 3 different colours, rainbow mix OR pastel mix
  • Delivery and setup
  • Hand crafted on site
  • Experienced Balloon Artist
  • Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Balloons

*Additional fee applies for hanging on wall above 3m, or hanging on ceiling.

*Set up time – Approximately 30mins – 2 hours (depending on size)

200cm Organic Balloon Garland

  • Size: 200cm
  • Set up duration: 30 mins
  • Price: $198/-

400cm Organic Balloon Garland

  • Size: 200cm x 200cm
  • Set up duration: 60 mins
  • Promo Price: $350/-

600cm Organic Balloon Garland (200cm x 200cm x 200cm)

  • Size: 200cm x 200cm x 200cm
  • Set up duration: 90 mins
  • Promo Price: $480/-

Customised Organic Balloon Garland

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Add-on Balloon Decoration Items

Fairy Lights (add on)

  • 500cm fairy lights
  • Requires 1 set for every 200cm garland
  • Price: $10/set
Fairy Lights Balloon Decor Singapore
Fairy Lights

Gold/Green Leaves (add on)

  • 30cm – 40cm leaves
  • Recommended 2 – 4 pieces per 100cm
  • Price: $5/piece
Organic Balloon Garland Decoration Garden Theme

Foil Letter Names (add on)

  • 16 inch foil balloon letters
  • Inclusive of installation on balloon garland or wall
  • Price: $5/piece
Happy Birthday Foil Balloon Letters 1

Helium Balloons (add on)

  • 12 inch helium balloons on ceiling
  • Includes ribbon (string) on every balloon
  • Price: $3/piece
Helium Balloons Delivery in Singapore

Personalised Balloons (add on)

  • Clear Bubble Balloon with customised words
  • Includes ribbon and balloon weight
  • Price: $68/piece
Personalised Balloon Delivery

Balloon Number Display (add on)

  • 40 inch giant balloon number
  • Choose from gold or silver number
  • Price: from $250 onwards (depending on design)

Customised Balloon Sculpture

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Standard Backdrop 

  • Size: 200cm x 200cm (balloons not included)
  • Comes with White or Black Cloth
  • Hanging Fairy Lights
  • Price: $498/-
Organic Balloon Arch Decoration

Grass Wall Backdrop

  • Size: 300cm x 280cm
  • 3 colours to choose from
  • Price: $980/-
Grass Wall Backdrop with Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

Sequin Wall Backdrop

  • Size: 300cm x 240cm
  • Colour: Gold / Silver / Mermaid
  • 2x Marquee Lighted Numbers
  • Price: $1200/-
Gold Sequin Wall Backdrop with Orgnanic Balloon Garland and 225022 Marquee Lights

Round Balloon Garland with Backdrop

  • Size: 2.2m (diameter)
  • Up to 3 colours
  • Printed board Design
  • Price: $680/-
Best Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore 2022

Round Balloon Garland (without backdrop)

  • Size: 2.2m (diameter)
  • Up to 3 colours
  • Printed board Design
  • Price: $680/-
Organic Balloon Garland with Golden frame and Customised Neon lighs

Looking for other customised balloon decoration or organic balloon garland decoration for your party? Our balloon artists have done a wide range of balloon decorations from small parties to large-scale events! Contact our friendly sales assistant to assist you today!

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Organic Balloon Arch Garland Decor in Singapore

“Ascend beyond the ordinary — balloon decorations are the breath of jubilation that give life to every festivity.”

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