Giant Balloon Pit

Introducing a whole new balloon concept created by our team of balloon artists, Giant Balloon Pit. Let your kids have fun by diving into a sea of balloon clouds and jumping into the rainbow! Our balloon pit concept can be fully customise to the theme you need. Some of the popular theme are “Animal Theme, Garden Theme, Princess Theme, Rainbow Theme and Space Theme”.

Cloud Balloon Pit Singapore
Cloud Balloon Pit Balloon Pit for Hire Singapore

Rainbow Balloon Backdrop Singapore

Just like a giant ball pit, but better!

Here’s why you should get our balloon pit for your event!

    • It’s looks BIG! Attract your target audience from afar.
    • Design is customisable and it can blend into the theme of your event.
    • No rules… Watch the kids enjoy themselves without any instruction on how to play in the balloon pit.
    • Lasting – We use only the best quality balloons! With proper maintenance, our balloon can last 10-14 days!
    • Affordable rates! We use premium quality balloons, but we do not charge premium rate! The rate greatly depends on the size and design of the balloon pit, feel free to contact our friendly sales assistant for more info! Contact Us
    • Most importantly… It’s FUN!

Want to have the best of both world?

Here in That Balloons, we have a dedicated team that can help create a mega playground concept of your party or event in Singapore! Simply contact our friendly sales assistant to find out how we can help create a successful playground with the space you have today!

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Exploding Balloon Special Effect

Here we introduce our exploding balloon special effect for grand opening ceremony in Singapore. That Balloons had done multiple special effects with balloons such as balloon release, balloon wall unveiling, exploding balloon wall, and here’s a simple exploding giant balloons to unveil our client’s logo signage on their grand opening ceremony at Paragon Shopping Mall!

Exploding Balloon Effect Grand Opening Singapore

Exploding Balloon Special Effect

This exploding balloon special effect is controlled by one of our balloon specialist using a wireless remote to activate the mechanism. Exploding balloon is safe, and doesn’t use any fire or sharp objects to burst the balloons. We also insert a few small chrome gold balloons and gold confetti in the giant balloons for it to drop in front of the VIPs.

Exploding Giant Balloon Effect Singapore

Served as a perfect balloon decorations before the event starts, the balloon set up will get everyone excited have a blast watching the explosion of the balloons that unveil the logo signage.

Grand Opening Balloon Exploding Effect Singapore Grand Opening Special Effect Set up

Here’s a short clip of how our exploding balloon effect looks like:

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