Giant Balloon Pit

Introducing a whole new balloon concept created by our team of balloon artists, Giant Balloon Pit. Let your kids have fun by diving into a sea of balloon clouds and jumping into the rainbow! Our balloon pit concept can be fully customise to the theme you need. Some of the popular theme are “Animal Theme, Garden Theme, Princess Theme, Rainbow Theme and Space Theme”.

Just like a giant ball pit, but better!

Here’s why you should get our balloon pit for your event!

    • It’s looks BIG! Attract your target audience from afar.
    • Design is customisable and it can blend into the theme of your event.
    • No rules… Watch the kids enjoy themselves without any instruction on how to play in the balloon pit.
    • Lasting – We use only the best quality balloons! With proper maintenance, our balloon can last 10-14 days!
    • Affordable rates! We use premium quality balloons, but we do not charge premium rate! The rate greatly depends on the size and design of the balloon pit, feel free to contact our friendly sales assistant for more info! Contact Us
    • Most importantly… It’s FUN!

Want to have the best of both world?

Here in That Balloons, we have a dedicated team that can help create a mega playground concept of your party or event in Singapore! Simply contact our friendly sales assistant to find out how we can help create a successful playground with the space you have today!

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Balloon Sculpture Decorations For Your Event

What is balloon sculpting?

Balloon sculpting is actually the shaping of balloons into any desired shape by the balloon artist or the receiver. Whatever shape you name, is whatever shape you will receive! Balloon sculpting is commonly seen in events where the balloon artist usually sculpts an animal or flower or sword for the guests of the event.

Have always wanted a sculpture of your favorite cartoon character? Want something that is unique and out of the box to decorate for your events or birthday party?

Our proficient balloon artists that has years of experience in this sector. We have worked with several companies and events and has done designs from the basics to the most intricate designs that you can ever imagine. With us, you can now fulfill your dreams of having your favourite character placed in your birthday.

Be it your favourite animal or your favourite cartoon character or object, we will be able to do it specially for you! Balloon sculpting has been a popular and known decoration item that many have been implementing in their event for its uniqueness.

Here are some of the balloon sculpture decorations we have done recently :

Balloon Wedding Couple Sculpture by Zach Ho

Balloon Horse Carousel by Kelly Sashimi from Malaysia!

Balloon Photo Frame Decoration by Kaden Tan

Don’t these balloons make you want to have one for yourself?

Contact us now and you can have these at your event! Be it a community centre event, family gathering, wedding or your birthday party. We will enhance and bring out the beauty of it with our sculpture decorations.

To enquire with us, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form! Our sales assistant will reply as soon as we received your form! For any urgent enquiry, you may call or WhatsApp our friendly sales assistant as well.

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