Balloon Decorations

THAT Balloons provides premium balloon decorations service in Singapore.

Balloons can be anything you want it to be. The simple twisted shape filled with air brings so much joy and glee when it is loved. All of our balloon decorations services are customisable and designed to suit your special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or corporate event, our balloon artist can customise large Balloon Sculptures Display, Balloon Backdrop, Balloon Arch, Balloon Column and even Balloon Photo Frame! The possibilities are endless.

Just like true artists, we don’t just decorate a room, but we aim to tell a story in our balloon decoration. Contact us now to book an appointment and see how we can help make your event unique & memorable.

*All the artworks below are done by our artists*

Custom Balloon Backdrop Display

Balloon Photo Frame

Balloon Arch / Custom Balloon Arch

Balloon Columns / Balloon Pillars

Customised Large Balloon Sculpture Display

Stage Balloon Decorations

Click here to explore our Large Scale Balloon Decorations and Balloon Special Effect.

For the finest party balloon decorations, you want some high layers of balloons (floating balloons and arches) and some low (columns and balloon display). We provide all types of balloons decoration service in Singapore so let us know the “feel” you want to get at your party or event. In ThatBalloons, we provide professional balloon decoration services that suits the theme of your event! Above are the balloon decoration’s items that we provide. Please click on the picture to see description and price of each item. Thank you!

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to customised a balloon sculpture that suits your event well. For shopping malls and large-scale event, click here for more information.

Recent Posts

Singapore Professional Balloon Decorations

Here in That Balloons, we are well-known for customising professional balloon decorations  for our client’s event. Our professional balloon decoration’s service has never failed to impress guest, or even professional balloon artist in Singapore!

Be inspired.


Below are some recent events our artists have done!

Customised Balloon Arch for New Creation Church at The Star Vista.


Giant Balloon Grape Sculptures for New Creation Church at The Star Vista.


Customised Gold Letters on Large Balloon Arch


Heart Shape Balloon Pillars at Bugis Plus.balloon-underwater-arch-singapore

Underwater theme Balloon Arch at National Arts Council.


Helium Balloon Bundle at One Shenton Condo.


Balloon Wedding Couple Sculpture at Hort Park.


Wedding Helium Balloon Decorations.


Balloon LOVE Letters Photo Area.

Click here to view our Balloon Decorations gallery.

Ever wanted to create a memorable event with balloons? Contact our friendly manager, Chinbee Aw, for a free consultation to find out how we can help create a memorable moment at your event.

Uncomfortable with calls? Simply copy & text Chinbee @ 8157 7331 the following details:

Balloons you are interested in:

I would like to check your availability for the above. Thank you.


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