Themed Balloon Decorations for Hire in Singapore

We are proud to showcase our signature balloon services, themed balloon decorations for hire in Singapore! Themed balloon decor has never failed to wow your guests upon arrival. Surprise everyone with our customised balloon decorations for parties and events in Singapore!

We can customise almost anything…

With a strong team of balloon artists that have over 10 years of combined experiences, we are are known for our customised balloon designs and large scale balloon decorations! Below are some of the recent themed balloon decorations we have done:

Alien and Superhero Balloon Decorations

Here’s a good combination of our client’s favourite fictional characters! Our balloon super hero sculptures are one of the most popular choice that everyone loved!

Balloon Alien and Superhero Decoration for Party

CNY Balloon Decorations

Here’s a customised spiral balloon photo frame decoration with our Cai Shen Ye Balloon Sculpture!

CNY Balloon Photoframe Decoration

Construction theme balloon decoration

If you are worried that your request is impossible to customise with balloons, think again! Or simply check with our friendly sales assistant to find out if your request is possible. Here’s a construction theme balloon decoration we have done for our client’s party last month!

Balloon Photoframe Decoration Contruction Theme

Balloon Photo frame Decoration

Another customise balloon photo frame decoration we have done for our client’s party, with an additional balloon price and princess sculptures!

Japanese Balloon Photoframe Deocrations in Singapore

Balloon Prince and Princess Sculpture

Balloon Giraffe and Tree Arch Decoration

Our signature balloon arch decoration designed by our award winning balloon artist, Lily Tan, has appear on various balloon magazine and inspired by many professional balloon artists all over the world! Here’s 1 we did at our client’s birthday party!

Balloon Tree and Giraffee Arch Decoration Singapore

Discover the full list of our balloon decorations in Singapore here!

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CNY Balloon Decorations

Every Chinese New Year, our balloon artists are invited to set up balloon decorations at various venues in Singapore. From family gathering to public events, our balloon artists have never failed to impress our client for the past few years.

View our full original Balloon Decoration’s collection here.

Balloon Cai Shen Ye God of Fortune

Design & Done by Balloon Artist, Kaden Tan.

Cute Balloon God of Fortune

Balloon Cai Shen Ye, God of Fortune.

Balloon Cai Shen Ye 768x1024

Balloon Cai Shen Ye, God of Fortune.

Cai Shen Ye Balloon Sculpture

Balloon Cai Shen Ye, God of Fortune.

Balloon Cai Shen Ye Singapore

Design & Done by Balloon Artist, Jazz Ang.

Chinese New Year Balloon Decorations

Design & Done by Balloon Artist, Jazz Ang and Karen Tan.

Singapore Balloon Lion Head

Balloon Lion Head.

Balloon Lion Head Display

Balloon Lion Head.

Singapore Balloon Artists with Prime Minister

Balloon Artists – Jazz Ang, Kaden Tan, Jocelyn Ng, Guangliang, Clement and Bertram.

CNY Balloon Decorations

View our full original Balloon Decoration’s collection here.

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