Balloon Decorations for School Event in Singapore

Looking for balloon decorations for school event in Singapore?

Whether it is for a Chinese new year celebration, National Day event, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day or even your school’s Sports Day, graduation ceremony and Prize Giving ceremony we have balloon decorations customised and specially made for you!

Prize Giving Day School Decoration

A good balloon decoration sets the atmosphere and creates the theme of an event. Imagine with me, as you walk into your school and see a huge Cai Shen Ye mascot, you will immediately relate it to Chinese New Year and feel the mood of Chinese New Year coming.

Not only can you decorate your school halls with our customized balloons but you can also decorate your classrooms and transform it from a plain classroom to one that is fun, exciting and vibrant.

Graduation Day Balloon Decoration

From balloon columns to balloon arch to balloon name and number, balloon sculptures and many more, there will definitely be one that suits your event and one that you will definitely want and like!

Here are some examples that we have done in the past year :


Balloon Wall Backdrop Decoration for Graduation Photo Taking Session.

customised balloon backdrop

Balloon Arch Decoration to welcome the students!

Balloon Arch Singapore Decorations Balloon Arch Singapore

Golden Star Balloon Column Decoration

Balloon Columns

We offer a wide range of balloon decorations in Singapore! Our in-house balloon artists can customised almost anything with balloons! From balloon sculptures, colours of the balloons and sizes, you can be assured to find the balloon decoration you need for your upcoming event!

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Balloon Wall Backdrop Decoration for Clozette

This year, we are proud to be the supporting partner for Clozette Style Party 2016 by providing them with our balloon wall backdrop decoration to spice up their event atmosphere.
Balloons for Clozette PartyClozette Style Party 2016

Clozette Supporting PartnersSupporting Partner – THAT Balloons

Our client has requested to have a pure sliver balloon backdrop at the back of the walkway to match their white stage. Sliver balloon backdrop colour is very versatile, being shiny, modern and hi-tech on one hand and alluring, sparkling and elegant on the other.  This helps in adding extra points for being EXTRA GLAMOROUS on stage!

Balloon Wall Backdrop

Silver Balloon Wall Backdrop Decoration for Clozette.

Balloon for Clozette Event

Our balloon backdrop is meticulously created by our professional balloon artists. With years of experience on their side, you can be assured that our balloon decorations will always be used with premium quality balloons and amazing balloon decorations for your event needs.

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