Balloon Decoration Display in Singapore

Finish the touch with our premium balloon decoration display in Singapore! Have an upcoming event and got it all planned out but still feel like something is missing? Got all the programme flow and everything set but have no idea how to make it better?

Well here’s something for you! To finish the touches of your event, you can choose to add on some balloon decorations display that will instantly bloom up your event space and allow it to create that atmosphere that it was meant for.

Balloon Number Decorations

From balloon arches to columns that furnish your event venue, making it all grand and astonishing for your guests to walk past and walk under, it is a centrepiece of nearly all formal events such as gala dinner, prom nights or graduation ceremony. Or a huge giant real-life balloon sculpture that allows your event to stand out and imitate the actual figure. Or balloon name and numbers that you can now have at your birthday party or anniversaries wherever you wish to have!

Balloon name and number decoration Singapore

Balloon Number Display Deocration Delivery Singapore

Balloon Palm Tree Decorations

Here we have done balloon palm tree decorations for a meeting room at Hermes Singapore, private birthday party and a theatre show! Our balloon artist also did an amazing job designing a balloon photo frame decoration as well!


Balloon Palm Tree Decorations Hermes Balloon Sculpting Decorations

Christmas Theme Balloon Decoration

Here another satisfied return clients that hired us again for their Christmas party celebration! Our client surprise their family and friends with these cute balloon snowman sculpture and balloon christmas tree decor!

Chinese New Year Theme Balloon Decoration

Cai Shen Ye and Pineapple Balloon Sculpture Decoration Balloon Photoframe Decoration for Nova Space

Balloon Photoframe Decoration with Cai Shen Ye balloon sculpture

Venue Balloon Decorations

Looking to add some simple balloon element to hype up the atmosphere at your venue? Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out how we can decorate your space today! Here’s one we did at one of the F45 outlet!

Balloon decorations

At a low and affordable price that you can bring these beautifully made balloon decorations to your event, I assure you that it will definitely be worth every cent of your money!

We understand that many of our clients aren’t able to host a big party for their loved ones in Singapore due to the current Convid-19 restriction, we are now offering our new party balloon decorations packages for smaller parties in Singapore! From just $198, hire our experienced balloon artist to decorate your venue today!

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Balloon Decorations for Party and Event in Singapore

That Balloons had provided over 1000 balloon decorations for party and events in Singapore over the years! We would like to thank all our clients for the constant support over the years! We have never stop improving our skills and knowledge in balloons and here are some of our recent balloon decorations we have done the past few weeks.

Here are some of the balloon decorations idea for birthday party!

Giant Hotair Balloon Sculpture

Guests can enter the hot air balloon for photo-taking as well!

Giant Hotair Balloon SculptureSimple Balloon Decorations to welcome your guest!

Balloon Arch with Silver Letters


Star Pastel Balloon Columns IMG 20190906 012624 159 Balloon Name Singapore

We have also done various balloon decorations for school events as well!

Balloon Number Decoration Singapore

Under the Sea Balloon Decorations

Sea Creatures Balloon Sculptures Sea Balloon Decorations Underwater Balloon DecorationsCustomised Balloon Tree with Flowers

We are honoured to be invited to Zendesk to decorate their office for a family day event!

Large Balloon Giraffe Sculptures

Giant Balloon Giraffe Sculptures Balloon GiraffeBalloon Heart Shape Standee for National Day Event!Large Balloon Heart Sculpture Balloon Coconut Tree Sculpture for an indoor beach theme event!

Balloon Palm Tree Balloon Coconut Tree

Discover the full collection of our balloon decorations here.

We are very excited for many upcoming year-end projects, follow us on our Instagram page for more recent updates!

To enquire with us, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form! Our sales assistant will reply as soon as we received your form! For any urgent enquiry, you may call or WhatsApp our friendly sales assistant as well.

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