Venue Decoration with Balloons

Impress your guest today with our venue decoration service with balloons! Imagine stepping into a party and welcome by a room full of balloons… below are just a few of our recent venue decoration items that you may want to have for your event:Rainbow Balloon Decoration
Hanging Balloon raindrop at Raffles Hospital.

Rainbow Helium Balloon Bundle

Helium Balloon Bundle at Raffles Hospital.

Star Balloon Centrepiece

Balloon table centrepiece for a private party.

Organic Balloons on Stairs

Organic Balloon along staircase.

Organic Balloon Deco

Balloon Name Sculpture Display

Balloon Standee with Customised Letter.


Customised Balloon Letters Backdrop Display

Large Balloon Letter Display for UBS.

Balloon Couple Display for Singapore Polytechnic.

Our balloon artists are working on a few more venue decoration this month! Be sure to follow us on our instagram page for faster updates! To see our balloon decor collection, click here.

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