Unique Party Backdrop

Unique way of sculpting with balloons.Customised balloon garden photo booth

That Balloons offers quality customisable backdrop made of balloons by our professional balloon artists for your birthday party or event! Be the first of your friends to engage our backdrop service in creating a memorable event!

All the balloons used at That Balloons are made of the top quality materials which are safe and durable throughout your whole event or can even last for a few days. For events that needs even longer-lasting balloons! View some of the backdrops done by our balloon artists below!

Custom-Made Balloon Backdrop Decoration is one of the top selling service along with the balloon arch service in That Balloons and I bet that you would not want to miss such decoration for your event or your big day! Discover more by clicking here!

Feel free to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, about how we can work together to suit into the theme of your event and make it a memorable one.