Designed and done by renowned professional balloon artist, the underwater theme balloon collections feature some of our original balloon sculpture designs. Discover the art of balloon decorations below.Underwater Theme Balloon Decorations

Some of the balloon sea creatures include Balloon Lobster, Balloon Crab, Balloon Octopus, Balloon Fish, Balloon Starfish, Balloon Pufferfish, Balloon JellyFish and bubbles to compliment the decorations!

Designed by Kaden Tan and Jazz Ang.
Done by Kaden Tan, Jazz Ang, Ace Tan, William Ang, Norvin Ong, Norman Tan and Javis Ang.

Tall Balloon Pillars

A 3 meter tall underwater theme balloon columns.

A close up pictures of the balloon sculpture designs.

We are also proud to work with Singapore professional balloon artist, Glen Peh. Founder of One Page Balloon Instructions and PA Passion Balloon Interest groups in various community centres in Singapore. Below are the four beautiful underwater theme balloon arch designed and done by Glen Peh and his team.
Sea Creatures Theme Balloon Arch
Underwater Theme Balloon ArchThe process of balloon sculpting can be tedious and time consuming. Each and every balloon sculptures are hand-made and crafted by professional artists, using the world’s best quality balloons to create the balloon sculptures and effects that we wish to produced.

That Balloons Set up

Balloon Decorations Gallery – Get Inspired.

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