Adding 2 underwater theme balloon arch designs to our collection. Featuring some of our unique and original balloon sculptures designed and done by our balloon artists.

Balloon Underwater Theme Arch

Balloon Underwater Arch at Marina Bay Sands Convention Halls
Design by Kaden Tan
Done by Kaden Tan, Chinbee Aw, Zhongyu, Javis Ang and Norman Tan

“A Masterpiece is the work of an artist who has been absorbed by the spirit of his/her times and can transform a personal experience into a universal one. Masterpieces make us forget the artists, and instead direct our attention to the artists works. We may wonder how a particular work was executed, but for the time being we are transposed, so deeply brought into this creation that our consciousness is actually expanded.” – Leighton Jones

Balloon Marine Theme ArchBalloon Underwater Arch at The Star Vista
Design by Jazz Ang
Done by Jazz Ang and Norvin Ong

In every balloon art that we do, there should be style, technique, balance, and harmony. That is what makes people attracted to our creations. We may not know who the the artists were, but their artwork communicates universal values that have not faded with the passage of time.

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