The Art of Balloon Arch

Balloon arch, just like balloon columns are commonly used to place at the entrance of the event to welcome your guest. It makes the event looks happening and attract crowds. So what are the creative designs that we can do other than a spiral arch design below?

Normal Balloon Arch

First of all, we can add letters on the arch to promote your event’s name!

Customised Balloon Arch

We also do designs that suits the occasion or the theme of your event. Below is a design for Bastille Day (France National Day) that we have done last week.

Customised Balloon Arch

From a glowing LED Balloon arch, rainbow arch, garden theme arch, casino theme arch… The possibilities are endless!

*Note that all the designs above are done by our balloon artists.*

Our professional balloon artists are experienced and have done customised balloon decorations for celebrities, Singapore’s president, corporate companies and organisation. If you would like us to decorate your party or events with balloons, feel free to contact us today!