Halloween-Themed Balloon Decorations in Singapore

That Balloons is a leading balloon decorations company in Singapore that with more than 10 years of experience across the industry. We have done up to thousands of balloon decorations for many occasions and events. Let us be your trusted balloon decoration company and hire our experienced in-house balloon artists to create a memorable experience for you!

Halloween-Themed Balloon Decorations

Halloween Balloon Decorations Singapore

Trick or Treat! October is known as the festival of spook. That Balloons was engaged by an event company to decorate Eastpoint Mall with spooky Halloween-themed balloon decorations. Let’s take a look at how impressive the balloon decorations that we did for the past Halloween event at the mall.

Pumpkin and Ghost Balloon Sculptures Decorations

Pumpkin and Ghost Balloon Sculptures Decoration

Our in-house balloon artists apply their professional balloon knowledge to make cute and vivid pumpkin and ghosts balloon sculpture displays. The adorable blushed ghost balloon sculptures are standing beside a spooky pumpkin, which seems like two knights are protecting it from getting harm. Children are so obsessed with these two Halloween balloon sculptures, they always attract large crowds and make it becomes a popular photo-taking spot.

A Horror Halloween Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Horror Halloween Balloon Backdrop Decoration

The colour combination of orange, black, lime green and purple are the typical colours for Halloween, which make the atmosphere feel creepy and spooky. Therefore, these colours were mainly used for this event, the attached LED lights on the balloon wall had enhanced the Halloween vibe for the entire event. Those adorable pumpkins, ghosts. witch and etc balloon foils were invited as guests of honor to attend this Halloween event.

Halloween Organic Balloon Garland Decorations

Halloween Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

Boo! This is the Halloween balloon arch we did for themed organic balloon garland that serves as an entrance decoration to welcome guests to this spooky area. The balloon garland and turn the empty space into a fun-filled venue. There is a hidden bat that is camouflaged in the balloon crowds. Can you spot it from the photo?

Halloween Balloon Columns Decorations

Halloween Balloon Columns Decoration

Customised spiral Halloween balloon pillars can be another good photo-taking spot for the event. Stand out from the crowds by dressing up yourself as a skeleton or rustic witch to attend this Halloween event at Eastpoint mall!

Discover the balloon landscape decorations we have done over the years here at That Balloons!

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Giant Advertising Lighted Balloon Stand Rental

That Balloons is the direct supplier of giant advertising lighted balloon stand rental in Singapore. Our advertising lighted balloon stand comes with red, green, blue, white or warm light for you to choose from! Unlike many, our balloons are made from a waterproof and fire retardant material that is able to place outdoor and withstand the weather condition in Singapore.

Giant Lighted Balloon Stand Singapore Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand Rental Singapore

Giant Advertising Lighted Balloon Stand Rental

When you rent a giant advertising light balloon stand with us, That Balloons offer a 1 sided complimentary die-cut vinyl sticker installation of your logo on our balloon as well! Our balloon rental comes with the following items:

  • 1.6m diameter balloon
  • die-cut vinyl sticker installation
  • 3m height adjustable pole
  • strong heavy weight metal base plate
  • White cone cover
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Installation and set up
  • Repair and maintenance support
  • Dismantle and collection

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Best Balloon Arch Decoration Company in Singapore

As the Best Balloon Arch Decoration Company in Singapore, That Balloons has done over 400 balloon arch designs over the years! From a classic spiral balloon arch to a customised giant balloon arch, our balloon decoration services have never fails to impress our clients!

Best Balloon Arch Decoration Company in Singapore

Below are some of our recent balloon arches done by our in-house balloon artists.


Wedding Balloon Arch with Fresh Flowers Decoration

We would like to thank our client for having us on their big day to create a beautiful wedding balloon arch with fresh flowers decoration to compliment their table setting.

Organic Balloon Arch Decoration at Monti Singapore

Organic Balloon Arc for Hire Singapore

Large Outdoor Spiral Balloon Arch Decoration

Thanks Seletar Country Club for having us to set up a large outdoor spiral balloon arch decoration!

Outdoor Balloon Arch Decoration Singapore Large Outdoor Balloon Arch Decroation Singapore Large Outdoor Spiral Balloon Arch Singapore

Spiral Balloon Arch Decoration

Spiral balloon arch may be simple, yet an effective way to attract attention and bring up the mood of your event! Here are a few spiral balloon arch we did for F45 indoor gym, Dunman High School and a private birthday party!

Spiral Red Blue and White Balloon Arch Sprial Balloon Arch with Foil Letters Singapore Sprial Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration Singapore

Mobile Legend Balloon Arch Decoration

Looking for more balloon arch decoration ideas? That Balloons can help you customise the balloon arch you wish to have! Simply let us know the theme of your party, or send us a photo of the balloon arch you want. Contact our friendly sales assistant now!

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Customisable Balloon Pillars Decoration in Singapore

That Balloons offer the most unique and customisable balloon pillars decoration in Singapore! If you are looking for a cheap and simple balloon decoration to welcome your guests, or sending a congratulatory balloon stand for a shop opening event, look no further as we got it all covered for you!

Customisable Balloon Pillars Decoration in Singapore

Our professional and experienced team of balloon artists have been in the industry for many years, and you can be assured that you are in good hands when appointing us as your balloon vendor in Singapore.

Raffles Medical Group Balloon Pillars Decoration

We would like Raffles Medical Group to engage our balloon pillars decoration for their 45th anniversary this year. We covered all 17 locations delivery on a single day, and did a balloon photo frame decoration at Raffles Medical Hospital!

Tall Balloon Pillars for Hire Singapore Customised Balloon Pillar Singapore

Balloon Photo Frame Raffles Medical Group Singapore

Balloon Pillars Decoration for Private Parties

We have also done other balloon pillars decoration for private parties as well. However, balloon pillar can be unique and fun looking as well! Check out the following balloon pillars and large balloon sculpture display decorations we have recently done for our clients:

Balloon Number Pillars Decorations Singapore Balloon Ice Cream Sculpture Decoration Singapore

Balloon School Girl Sculpture Decoration Singapore

Congratulatory Balloon Pillar Stand

Balloon pillars can also be use for congratulatory balloon stand for shop opening event as well! That Balloons is proud to be the first balloon company to introduce a full customisable congratulatory balloon stand delivery!

Balloon Star Pillar Delivery for Shop Opening

Balloon Pillars Decoration for Don Don Donki Congratulatory Balloon Stand for Shop Opening

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Rainbow Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Hire an impressive rainbow balloon decorations in Singapore for your upcoming party or event! Our rainbow balloon decoration can serve as an amazing backdrop, or an arch to welcome your guest! Below are some of the rainbow balloon decoration ideas, and a balloon rainbow arch done by us!

Rainbow Balloon Decorations

From small, large and giant rainbow balloon decoration, we can help customise the size that you require to fit into the space that you have! Choose from solid colours, pastel colours or any colours that you love to form a rainbow.

Large Balloon Rainbow Sculpture Decorations Singapore Premium Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration Balloon Spiral Rainbow Arch Decoration Premium Balloon Rainbow Arch Decoration

Discover the balloon decorations done by our in-house professional balloon artist here.

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