One of the top carnival planner in Singapore that we’ve worked with closely for many years – Big Top, has more than 10 years of experience in organising carnival themed events of any scale and also known as a One-Stop Carnival Event Provider for all your needs. Be it birthday parties, road shows, corporate team building meetings, Dinner & Dances etc; you’re guaranteed to find something ideal for your event from their wide variety of equipment, products and services! Such as event coordinating, theming and artistes, emcee and talent bookings; equipment/vendor and event sourcing to customized equipment rental and branding as well as in-house carnival rental such as live food stations, arcade machines, carnival games, ball pits, so on and so forth.

Big Top Singapore

With that much of experience and product knowledge of the industry, it is no wonder they have worked for a huge diversity of clientele such as Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defense, Singtel, Prudential, United Overseas Bank, Shopee and Lazada etc. And many of them went back to sought for their services again thanks to the overwhelming positive responses they often received from their events. Which is one of the reasons why Big Top is ours and should be your number 1 choice of event planning and provider for carnival theme!

Bottles Ring Toss Carnival Game

Bottle Ring Toss

Carnival Event Game Stalls Singapore

Carnival Games

Large Carnival Games for Rent Singapore

Multi Inflatable Games

Daytona Arcade Game Rental


Singapore Arcade Basketball Machine Rental

Arcade Basketball

Table Arcade Machine Rental

Air Hockey Arcade Machine

Air Hockey

Bishi Bashi Arcade Machine Rental

Bishi Bashi

Be blown away with more than 100 arcade and carnival games where you can enjoy at your event as well! I’ll try not to reveal too much but look out for classic arcade favorites such as Arcade Basketball, King of Hammer, Pinball, Air Hockey and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and old-school carnival games such as Milk Can Toss, Large Ring Toss, Hopscotch, Fishing Game, Shoot The Target and Balloon Dart! Psst, hover over to find some of their newest addition such as Bishi Bashi and Mario Kart Racing!

Carnival Land Bouncy Castle

Carnival Land

With a total of more than 30 bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses, we can’t help keep it a secret and not let you know of their 2 newest additions to this category! Team up with a maximum of 6 players in the Human Whack A Mole Inflatable as well as one Whacker in the middle armed with a soft inflatable hammer. Players in this game would be referred as “moles” and have to work together to defeat the Whacker by collecting as many soft balls as they can without getting whacked! Exactly like those hit-a-mole game machines in arcades except this game is being UPSIZED to make it more exhilarating! At a height of 4m and length of 13m, bounce onto their Carnival Obstacle Course which is the most ideal choice when you’re organizing a big event and wanted to create some challenge for your event-goers! Check them out here! 

Popcorn Machine Rental

Popcorn Machine Rental

Singapore Kacang Puteh Stall

Kacang Puteh Stall Rental

Muah Chee Live Station

Nacho Cheese Chips Live Station

Nachos Cheese Chips

And obviously, you wouldn’t call your event a full carnival experience if you did not engage for Big Top’s live food stations! From classic carnival must-haves like steaming hot dog buns, sweet cup corn and cotton candy floss , modern favorites such as churros and Thai ice cream rolls, traditional snacks like muah chee, tutu kueh to yummy finger food like nuggets and fries; there’s always something for everyone to love! Indulge in photos of them over here: click to satisfy your cravings.

kadentan magician

Stage Magician

Magic Show for Event Singapore

Magic Show

Magician for hire Singapore

Children Magic Show

Kids Party Magic Show SingaporeWanting to hold the attention of your event’s audience? Big Top provides more than 20 professional talents and artistes as well as arts & craft when you’re looking for fringe activities that is suitable for both children and adults to keep them occupied at your event!

Big Top aims to provide and satisfy all your needs as an event provider by providing free consultations and quotations as well as affordable rates for their equipment and services rental with the top priority to ensure a successful event for you and your clients/event-goers to have nothing but absolute fun at the end of the day. Hurry! Hit them up now!

New Party Promotion in April

We are having a flash promotion party package for the month of April for all birthday parties in Singapore! Turn your party into a carnival with our promotion party package that includes the following 6 items!

Professional Kids Magic Show

Singapore Magician for Birthday Party

Balloon Sculpting by Local Balloon Artist

Balloon Sculpting for Birthday Party

Balloon Sculpting

Glitter Tattoo for kids

Glitter Tattoo for hire

Glitter Tattoo

Foosball Table

Soccer Table Rental

Golf Game

Carnival Golf Game Singapore

Golf Game

Candy Claw Catcher

Candy Claw Catcher Rental

Candies Claw Catcher

FUN Package
2.5 hours of FUN

30 mins Magic Show
1 hour Balloon Sculpting
2 hours Glitter Tattoo
2 hours Foosball Table
2 hours Golf Game
2 hours Candy Claw Catcher

Cake-Cutting Ceremony
Set-up / Collection

= $999 only! up to: $1300

Guaranteed FUN with the above 6 items!

To book, simply send us the following details:

Special Request:

I would like to check your availability for the above. Thank you.

Email or Text/Whatsapp Chinbee @ 8157 7331.


Birthday Party Package Promotion in Singapore

Balloon Sculpting

Here in That Balloons, we are having our limited birthday party package promotion till 31st December 2016! No additional charges required for Weekends & Public Holidays! Subject to availability.

Special Party Package 2016

  1. 50 pieces Floating Helium Balloons (Decorations)
  2. 30 pieces Round Balloon On Floor (Decorations)
  3. 60 mins Sand Art Activity (35pax – subsequent pax $5/- only)
  4. 60 mins Scratch Art Activity (35pax – subsequent pax $3/- only)
  5. 60 mins Balloon Sculpting
  6. 30mins Magic Show
  7. Cake Cutting Ceremony

690/- only! (You saved: $100)

  • Inclusive of delivery, set up, artist, manpower, dismantle and collection of equipment.
  • Sand Art & Scratch Art activities will be ongoing for 60 mins concurrently with 1x assistant.

Christmas Special!

Add $99 for 1x Balloon Christmas Tree! (Approx 1.6m tall)

Balloon Christmas Tree Singapore

To book, simply send us the following details:

Special Party Package 2016
Special Request:

I would like to check your availability for the above. Thank you.

Email or Text/Whatsapp Chinbee @ 8157 7331.


Magic Show and Balloon Sculpting Services

Last Weekend, That Balloon is honoured to be engaged by our client at Pearl Bank for our Magic Show and Balloon Sculpting Services.

A hot favourite at any parties or events, balloon sculpting and magic shows has become a norm here in Singapore. At ThatBalloons, we only work with the professionals as we value all our guests and aims to provide 100% satisfaction for our services.

balloon artist norman

The premium balloons we used are brightly coloured for our balloon artists to sculpt them to become cute little animals that will melt your heart. Guests are also able to bring home their own personalized balloon sculpture and use it as a centerpiece for the dining table or even keeping it as a cherished souvenir.

After having an interesting session with our balloon artists, our in-house magician will also have a magic performance to showcase their talents and to engage and intrigue the curiosity of the audience.

Interested to have a magical experience?

Click here to discover more balloon decorations!

Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.


Carnival Party Package

Introducing you to our Carnival Party Package!

Our Carnival Party Package includes all the essentials you would need to make your party a BANG this year!


Be it at the entertainment side where we have our professional magicians, bouncy castles for your little guests to hop around in, balloon sculpting and helium bouquets as well as the food-related side where you get to choose either the candy floss or popcorn machine for everyone to enjoy!

To even hype up the atmosphere further, soundtracks will also be played using our professional event sound speakers for your ears pleasure.

1) 30mins Magic Show &
2) 60mins balloon sculpting service
3) 10x Helium Balloons Bouquets
4) 120mins Candy Floss Machine OR Popcorn Machine Stall (with manpower)
5) 3m by 3m Bouncy Castle (6 hours)
6) 2x Professional Event Sound Speakers (with music)
7) Confetti Showers!
8) Special balloon for birthday child
9) Cake cutting hosting

every child’s dream party!
Make your party fun and alive!

*Please note*

  • 1x manpower/Event coordinator will be at your event to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • 1x manpower included per stall
  • Please contact us if you would like to add-on services to this package.
  • If you already have your sound system at your event, please let us know if you would like to replace it with either 60mins Face Painting or 120mins Popcorn/candy floss machine stall

S$1350 nett only! (up to: $1500)

 Click here to read more on our Party Packages!

Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.