Shop Opening Balloon Decorations

Doing a shop opening launch event is a great way to get the attention of everyone in the area! If you are having a tight budget, having these shop opening balloon decorations is another great alternative to attract customers to your shop as well!

Balloon Congratulatory Stand

Mark the beginning of a new business by sending a customised congratulatory grand opening balloon stand to wish your your friend, relative or business associates a prosperous new beginning on their shop opening. Choose from adding customised hand-crafted balloon sculptures with personalised messages and foil balloons to make your balloon stand STANDS OUT from the rest!

Grand Opening Balloon Flower Stand Delivery Grand Opening Balloon Stand Delivery Grand Opening Balloon Stand Delivery Singapore Grand Opening Balloon Stand Singapore

Balloon Pillars Decorations

Other than having a congratulatory balloon stand, we also provide giant star balloon pillars for shop opening decoration as well! Placing these balloon columns is another effective way to attract passerby to notice your shop.

Gold Star Balloon Columns Decorations

Helium Balloon Decorations and Giveaway

Lastly, having a helium balloon decorations and giveaway can hype up the atmosphere of your shop opening event! Few weeks back, we have helped Shake Shack inflate 100 customised helium balloons for their shop opening at Orchard Road!

Helium Balloons Delivery Shake Shack Shake Shack Helium Balloons Delivery Singapore Shake Shack Helium Balloons Singapore

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Helium Balloon Decorations Service in Singapore

Our balloon team has done helium balloon decorations set up for Lazada in Singapore! With more than 100 colourful helium balloons tied along the stairway to welcome their guest, you can be sure to see the amazing faces of everyone when they arrived! Below are the helium balloons set up by our in-house balloon artist.

Helium Balloon Decorations

Helium Balloon Decorations

Helium Balloon Decor Set up

Helium Balloons done for Lazada

Colourful helium balloons delivery singapore

Helium balloon decorations singapore

Helium Balloons Decor

Other than the standard 12 inch helium balloons, we deliver 18 inch and 3 feet large helium balloons as well! Wow your guest with greet them with these big balloons!

3 feet Helium Balloons for Sale

Large Helium Balloons for saleOur balloon team is always grateful to be part of our client’s memorable day! We have also help countless of client with their proposal and here’s one we did few months back:

Balloon Decorations for Wedding Proposal

Balloon Decorations for ProposalThe possibilities of our helium balloon decorations service is countless! If you are looking for ideas to decorate your event with helium balloons, simply click on the link here. Helium Balloon Decorations

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Helium Balloons and Foil Balloon Letters

Helium Balloons and foil balloon letters are great for creating the right atmosphere at any birthday party celebrations in Singapore! With more than 30 different colours to choose from, below are a few decorations done by Singapore professional balloon artist, Kaden Tan.


Helium Balloons Bundle at Privé, Clark Quay.


Helium Balloons Bundle at Privé, Clark Quay.


Helium Balloons Bundle at Privé, Clark Quay.

Here’s a video of our helium balloon decorations at Privé Clark Quay outlet, Singapore.


Pink & White Helium Balloon Decorations.


Gold, White and Red Helium Balloon Bundles.

Other than helium balloons, you may want to consider getting foil balloon letters and creates your event name or wishes as part of the decoration at your event.happy-birthday-balloon-letters

Happy Birthday Balloon Letters.


Happy Birthday Balloon Letters.


Patient Safety Day Balloon Letters.

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Also, keep a lookout of our balloon artists, Kaden Tan and Norman Tan who will be featured on Channel News Asia upcoming documentary.

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Helium Balloons Decoration

Helium Balloons Decoration has been around for many years and our balloon artist has done a wonderful job at many events in Singapore. Below are a few helium balloonsdecoration done by our professional balloon artist.

Helium Balloon Delivery Singapore

Here in That Balloons, be assured that we use only good quality balloons for your events. Unlike many, we use 100% pure helium for every job. Which also means your helium balloon will last longer.

Balloon Decorations for Kids Party

  • Indoor (with air-con): Approx 8-10 hours
  • Outdoor (no air-con): Approx 4-6 hours

Helium Balloons birthday party singaporeHelium Balloons Delivery

Latex Round helium balloon: 1.50/pcs
(Delivery $25/-)

Helium Tank for Rent

Small tank – $80 (approx 60pcs)
Medium tank – $99 (approx 110pcs)
Large tank – $210 (approx 400pcs)

Delivery & collection fee = $10/- (Islandwide Singapore)

Helium Balloon Decorations:

300/- onwards depending on designs.

Helium Balloon Backdrop

For more information about our helium balloons, click here.


Helium Balloons Decorations

Balloons are an essential element for any occasions, especially for birthday parties and weddings. For many, wedding represents a sacred union between the bride and the groom and would like to make their wedding a memorable one for everyone.


Helium balloons can add as a decoration and as a visual interest for any events to make it a phenomenal one. To create a loose effect, premium balloons are chosen to have a more uniform shape and size when being released. You can even attach a star at the end of the string to make it look like your stage is filled with meteor showers.


Alternatively, you can even choose to do a helium balloon bundle either on the side of your aisle or even as a backdrop for you event and convert it into a photobooth for your guests in seconds!

Contact us now for any preferred designs and we will do our best to exceed expectations.

Helium Balloons Rates

100 pieces (min) – $1.60/piece

We deliver helium balloons in Singapore! Delivery at $30/- only. Please Note that Self-collection is not available.

Helium Balloons Decoration’s Rates

Minimum 100 pieces

Decorations fee at additional $100/- onwards depending on designs.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.