Balloon Arch Ideas in Singapore

Looking for balloon arch ideas in Singapore in the year 2020? Here are some of our signature balloon arch designs we have done for our clients the past few weeks! Customise to the theme of our client’s event, each balloon arch has its own charm and got everyone attention at the event!

Christmas Balloon Arch

Balloon Christmas Arch SingaporePopcorn Balloon Arch

Popcorn Balloon Arch Singapore

Rainbow and Clouds Balloon Arch

Rainbow and Clouds Balloon Arch

Spiral Balloon Arch with God of Fortune SculptureBlue and White Balloon ArchRed and Gold CNY Balloon ArchRed and Gold Balloon Arch

Rectangle Balloon ArchBalloon Square Arch SingaporeBalloon Arch with Customised Foam Board for Don Don DonkiBalloon Arch for Don Don DonkiMusic Theme Balloon Arch Decorations

Balloon Musical Arch Singapore

Star Balloon ArchStar Balloon Arch Singapore

Spiral Balloon ArchBalloon Arch for School Event

Our team has done over 100 of balloon arches over the years. Simply check out the list of balloon arch we have done here!

Rainbow Balloon Arch with Sunflower


Balloon Cai Shen Ye Sculpture Decoration

Life-size Cai Shen Ye (aka God of Fortune) Balloon Sculpture Decoration!  No doubt, you are looking at one of the best Cai Shen Ye balloon sculpture design in Singapore! Design and done by our in-house local balloon artist, Kaden Tan and Zach Ho.

The secret lies in the details.

This year, we have once again improve on our Cai Shen Ye balloon sculpture designs. From the elaborated hat to the hand-drawn face, we also use a special electronic balloon pump that comes with a precise timer to ensure every single balloon is the right size.

Balloon God of Fortune Sculpture

Balloon Cai Shen Ye Sculpture Decoration

God of Fortune Balloon Sculpture
Chinese New Year Balloon Decoration Balloon Cai Shen Ye CNY Decoration Balloon Cai Shen Ye

Discover the full collection of our customised large balloon sculpture decoration here!

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Chinese New Year Balloon Decorations

Celebrate this coming New Year with lots of good luck and wealth!

CNY balloon Arch

This week, the Church had requested to have a prosperity balloon arch with tangerines at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall. The word tangerine in Chinese is similar to the word ‘luck’ and the bright orange colours of the tangerines and the balloon arch symbolize ‘gold’ and hence, it has an auspicious meaning of bringing good luck and prosperity.

At ThatBalloons, we engage professional balloon artists to do up your balloon decorations and only use premium balloons to ensure that the balloon decorations are not easily deflated by sharp objects. Just let us know your preferred design and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Happy Chinese New Year! May this year be a year of abundance of happiness and prosperity for you~

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