Giant Advertising Balloon Rental in Singapore

That Balloons offer 2 different types of giant advertising balloon rental in Singapore! These Giant Advertising Balloon Rental is the most effective advertising balloon at a roadshow, carnival, trade fairs, conventions, and events in Singapore. Lead your target audience to your booth with these lighted advertising balloons on tripod, or fill it up with helium and let it float high up in the air – while creating awareness for your brand!

Customized Advertising Helium Balloon Giant Advertising Helium BalloonOur lighted tripod balloon stand works at both indoor and outdoor venues! Light up your event space and showcase your brand with our lighted tripod balloon stand today!

Cheap Lighted balloon stand rentalFind our more information of our giant advertising balloon here.

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Advertising Balloons for Hire in Singapore

Advertising balloons have always been a great marketing idea for roadshow events in Singapore! Imagine hundreds of people walking down the road holding onto the balloons with your branding… there’s no better way to attract your target audience at a roadshow event!

Below are what we have done for Häagen-Dazs for their grand opening event at Orchard Road in Singapore! A giant lighted tripod balloon stand and hundreds of helium balloon give away… all with Häagen-Dazs logo branding on our balloons!

Häagen-Dazs Grand Opening

Helium Balloons Giveaway for Haagen dazs

Giant Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand

Giant Advertising Tripod Balloon for Haagen dazsAdvertising Helium Balloons GiveawayAdvertising Balloons Company

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Go BIGGER than what you can imagine! Here’s how a 2.2m giant advertising helium balloon looks like!

Lighted Giant Helium Advertising BalloonDiscover the different types of advertising balloon we provide here!

Looking for balloon services for your upcoming event in Singapore? We are a one-stop balloon company that provide a wide range of balloon services! From balloon decorations, balloon sculpting, balloon workshop, special effects, helium balloons, giant advertising balloons, tripod balloon stand and many more! Contact our friendly sales assistant to enquire now!

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Giant Lighted Balloon Stand Rental

Last year, we have supported many events with our giant lighted balloon stand rental, showcasing our client’s logo or using it as a signage to direct passer-by direction to their event. These giant light balloon stand are perfect for a huge venue and roadshow events!

Below are some of the lighted balloon stand we have done recently:

1.2m Lighted Advertising Balloon Lighted Advertising Balloons for Rent

Lighted Balloon Rental Singapore

Lighted Balloons for Event Rental

Maybamk Lighted Tripod Balloon Outdoor Lighted Giant BalloonFor more information about our giant advertising balloons, click here.

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Lighted Advertising Tripod Balloon

That Balloons provide giant advertising lighted balloon stand for events in Singapore!

Our lighted tripod balloon comes in 3 sizes, large (1.2 diameter), giant (1.5 diameter) and mega (2 diameter). Our tripod balloon comes with a strong and heavy metal base, wind-resistance pole and a durable fan that can last for months! Light up your branding or event logo with these lighted tripod balloons today!

Lighted Giant Balloon for Maybank Singapore

Large Advertising Balloon for Maybank Singapore Big Advertising Balloon Stand Wording on Large Advertising Balloon Big Balloon on Tripod SingaporeDepending on the design you need, you can now rent our tripod balloon stand with complimentary one-sided vinyl sticker printing paste on our balloons! If you require a much complicated design or looking to purchase a balloon for long-term placement, you may want to do a digital print on the balloon itself that can last much longer than vinyl sticker prints!

Below are a few more events we have supported with our giant advertising tripod balloon stand:

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Lighted Advertising Balloon Signage

Here in That Balloons, we provide lighted advertising balloon signage for various events in Singapore! These giant advertising balloons are great for events, trade fair or even restaurants that want to attract passerby or brighten up their outdoor seating area during night time!

Below are a few of our recent events that we have provided our lighted advertising tripod balloons rental:

Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand for The Adecco Group at The Arts House!

Rent Advertising Signage Balloon

Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand done for Spinner, Greenwood Fish Market, Kimly, Indian Heritage Centre, The Plant Story and Kontiki!

We provide 2 types of branding on our advertising balloons:

Die-cut Vinyl Sticker (Highly Recommended) – Our balloon rates included 2 sided die-cut vinyl sticker printing! It is an cheaper alternative, looks great on balloon and a shorter lead time to process. However, we are unable to die-cut some of the image or logo on our balloon. Therefore, we would recommend our client to choose our digital logo print service below.

Digital Logo Print on Balloon – By having your logo printed on our balloon, you can explore having more creative images and even choose the colour you would like to have for the balloons. However, we require a 3 weeks lead time after confirmation and it will be more expensive than having Customised Die-Cut Vinyl Sticker on balloon.

Die-Cut Vinyl Sticker branding for SPINNER

Advertising Tripod Balloon SingaporeLarge Advertising Balloon in Fair

Die-Cut Vinyl Sticker branding for Indian Heritage Centre

Giant Advertising Balloon SupplierDigital Printed Balloon for The Plant Story and KontikiAdvertisement Balloon Signage Singapore Lighted Balloon Signage Rental SIngapore
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