Kids Birthday Party Packages in Singapore

Are you looking for birthday party packages in Singapore? Throughout the years, our balloon artists have been invited to various parties and events in Singapore. Here we introduce 3 of our most popular talents for birthday parties in Singapore!

Balloon Sculpting Activity

Balloon Twisting for Birthday PartyWhat’s a party without balloons? Balloon sculpting has always been one of the best fringe activity for kids birthday party in Singapore! Watch our balloon artist twist, combine and turn a few balloons into a beautiful sculpture!

Balloon Twisting Birthday Party Singapore Singapore Balloon Twisting for Kids Party

Interactive Magic ShowLive Animal Magic Show SingaporeNo doubt, every child gets excited when they know there will be a magic show! Our in-house magician have years of experienced in the magic industry. We have a total of 3 different types of magic show:

  • Interactive Kids Magic Show
  • Kids Magic Show Entertainment (with live birds appearances)
  • Award-winning Animals Magic Show (with live birds and rabbit appearances)

Face Painting Activity

Face Painting Artist SingaporeFace painting is popular especially for a girl’s birthday party! Kids get to enjoy getting their face or hand painted with our professional face paint artist. Also, they get to request the design they want to have on their faces as well!

Balloon Sculpting in SingaporeAll in all, there are many other activities for birthday parties that others prefer to have as well. You can see the full list of birthday party packages we offer by clicking on the link below:

Birthday Party Packages

Also, you can visit our affiliate partner website who does fun party planning in Singapore!

Party People

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Balloon Sculpting & Face Painting Package

Are you looking for balloon sculpting and face painting activities for your upcoming birthday party? Here in That Balloons, we offer a birthday package discount for the two activities!

Balloon Sculpting and Face Painting has been one of the most popular fringe activities at every birthday parties because of one reason… Kids love it! We have receive many good testimonials for our balloon sculpting and face painting services as well. Simply go to our facebook page and check out the reviews. Or you can also see some of our balloon artist’s work below:

Balloon Bunny Sculpture

Balloon Parrot Sculpture


Face Painting

We offer 3 different birthday party packages in Singapore. For more information about birthday party packages, click here.

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Balloon Sculpting and Face Painting Party Package

Balloon Sculpting and Face Painting have always been one of the most popular booth at any birthday party throughout the years! Therefore, it’s no surprise that our balloon sculpting and face painting package is one of our best seller as well! Starting from $280, kids can now enjoy 60mins of unlimited balloon sculpting and face painting at their birthday party!

Balloon Sculpting Service

Here in That Balloons, we offer 3 different birthday party packages in Singapore! For more information about our birthday party package, click here.

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Singapore Professional Balloon Artist

Balloon Sculpting has never failed to put a smile on every children’s faces. Last month, our balloon artists have been sculpting balloons a few venues in Singapore!

Balloon Sculptor for Hire Singapore

With more than 10 years of experience, our balloon artist’s work are guaranteed to impress your guest. We aims to make everyone in the room to feel special when receiving a customised balloon sculpture from our balloon artist.

Balloon Aeroplane Sculpture

Balloon Aeroplane Sculpture.

Balloon Baby SculptureBalloon Baby Girl Sculpture.

Balloon Monkey Sculpture

Balloon monkey sculpture.

Balloon Helicopter Sculpture

Balloon helicopter sculpture.

Balloon Flower Bouquet Sculpture Singapore

Balloon flower bouquet sculpture.

Balloon Car Sculpture

Balloon car sculpture.

Balloon Pink Rabbit Sculpture

Balloon rabbit sculpture.

Balloon Sword and Rabbit Sculptures

Balloon Sword and Rabbit holding carrot Sculpture.

To view our balloon sculpture’s gallery, click here.

Other than just balloon sculpting, we also work with professional kids magician and provide our services as a package for birthday party as well!

Kids Magician for hire

Uncle Jimbo Magic Show!

Kids Magician for birthday party

Engaging the children with his puppet animal.

Other than magician, we work with many other professional talents such as face painting artist and glitter tattoo artist!

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Put a smile on everyone face at your party with That Balloons today!


Grand Theme Birthday Party Package

Have a theme in mind but unsure how to make it look GRAND?


ThatBalloons presents you with a theme party package where you can let us know your preferred designs and we will do our best to accommodate to your needs. The package includes entertainments like Magic Show, Balloon Sculpting and Face Painting by our artists and as well as a huge Princess Display to make a statement at your party!

Confetti Showers is also included in the package BECAUSE……

There is no better way to celebrate the end of your prefect day with a little sprinkle of colours to dazzle your lovely guests!

1) 30 mins Magic Show
2) 60mins balloon sculpting
3) 60mins Face Painting
4) 2x 1.5m Balloon Column w/ Cartoon Foil Balloon OR 2x 1.2m tall Princess Display
4) 10 x Helium Balloons Bouquets
6) Confetti Showers!
7) Cake cutting hosting!
8) Special Balloons for birthday child!

Our Event Coordinator will be at your event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

S$850 nett
(1.5 hours entertainment!)

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.