Stage Front Balloon Decorations

With more than 10 years of experience decorating various venues with balloons, our balloon artist have also receive many request for stage front balloon decorations. Fill up the empty spaces at the stage front area and get everyone’s attention with our creative balloon decorations!

Balloon Decoration for Birthday Party

Below is a few example of our we can decorate the stage front area! Instead of placing plants, now you can have customised balloon decorations at your stage front area!Stage Front Animal Balloon DecorationsFrom the popular garden theme to a customised robot theme, our balloon artist is able to do anything upon request.

Are you planning a birthday party for your kids? Here in That Balloons, our balloon artists can customise and create a pleasant surprise for your kid’s birthday! Imagine the smile on their faces when they are welcome by these beautiful balloons the moment when they open the door?

Party Balloon Decorations Singapore

Balloon Decorations for Birthday Party Balloon Decorations for Party Singapore Balloon Monkey on Tree Decoration Balloon Monkey Sculpture Singapore Birthday Party Balloon Decorations SingaporeTo view the full collection of our balloon decorations gallery, click here.

To enquire, simply fill up a quick form below and our friendly sales assistant will reply as soon as we got your mail! Alternatively, you can also WhatsApp or call Zach @ 9837 6795. Thank you!

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Customised Balloon Decoration for Events

Here in That Balloons, we have customised various balloon decorations for events in Singapore! From having a large balloon numbers/letters to a giant balloon display, our balloon artist can simply customise it for you. Simply let us know the design and requirement and our sales assistant will reply you as soon as we got your email!

Below are some of the balloon display we have done:

Customised Large Pirate Ship Balloon Sculpture for MOE

Pirate Ship Balloon SculptureCustomised Large Balloon Number Sculpture for Private FunctionLarge Balloon Number Display SingaporeCustomised Large Balloon Letters Sculpture for YFCYFC Balloon Letters with LightsCustomised Parrot on Palm Tree Sculpture for SwatchBalloon Coconut Tree for Swatch

Customised Large Soccer Post Balloon Sculpture

Balloon Goalpost Sculpture Display
Are you looking for a specific balloon design you saw online? Simply send us a photo of the design you need and we might just be able to help customise it for you!


Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Transform and spice up your event with BALLOONS!

At ThatBalloons, we have done up numerous lavish balloon backdrops for our valued customers for different events, be it in an corporate event, new product launch, birthday parties or even as a photo booth for weddings!

AILING Balloon Backdrop Display

Each balloon backdrop is made with love by our talented balloon artist and each piece of artwork is a form of hardwork on our part. We aim to provide the best product and services available for our clients and we thank all our loyal, valued customers who are still engaging our services even after many years.

Have no idea which designs to use for your event? Contact us now your preferred type of designs and we will transform your ideas into reality.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.


Balloon Columns and Backdrop Services

Last weekend, our balloon artists were invited by our guests to 2 different birthday parties to do up balloon columns and backdrops for their birthday child.

Both Balloon backdrops and columns are customisable upon request and we will do our best to realise your dream into beautiful balloon art pieces.

balloon backdrop

Balloon backdrop not only serves as JUST a backdrop, it can also turn your backdrop into a gorgeous balloon photobooth for your lovely guests to take photos with! Just place some props at the side of your event table and Viola! You got a photobooth with no additional cost intended.

balloon columnBalloon columns can also add substantial value to your event by placing them at the side of the entrance to welcome the guest arrival and also to kick-start the whole joyous celebration. This time round our client requested for a pair of balloon columns that is made up of 3 different colours (blue, pink and purple) to match their birthday theme as well as a big red foiled heart at the top of the columns to represent their love for their child.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.


Customised Balloon Decorations

Balloon Arch is a great entrance decoration’s item for all types of events in Singapore! But can it be… better?Sprial Balloon Arch at OCBC Areana

Here in That Balloons, we do full customisation of balloon arch designs you want! From colour combination to any balloon sculptures you wish to have, or simply tell us how you want to make your guest feel!Customised Beach Balloon ArchCustomised Balloon Arch for CTC Travel.

Beach Travel Theme – a simple idea yet getting straight to the point and attracts customers.Fish Balloon SculptureBalloon Fish Sculpture.

Other than customised balloon arch… our balloon artist, Zhong Yu, did 4 other customised balloon columns as well!

Balloon Lion Column Sculptures

Balloon Lion Column for decorations.

CTC Travel Balloon Decoration

More than just assisting corporate companies with balloon decorations, our balloon artists have also done balloon decorations for celebrities at their private party too!

Below is a cast from Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), Berlin Ng! Thank you for having us!
Huixuan NOC instagram Hui Xuan NOC Singapore

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