Customised Balloon Columns

As professional balloon artist, we provide customised balloon columns for our client. From choosing the colours to the overall design, our customisation service has no limit! Below are some of the customised balloon columns we did for our client the last few days:


Star Balloon Columns – Golden Yellow & Midnight Blue.


Rainbow Star Balloon Columns.


Grand Star Cloumns – Gold, Black, Silver.


Grand Star Columns at LTA.


Bejeweled Customised Balloon Nail Polish Balloon Column.



Nail Polish Balloon Sculpture.


Balloon Traffic Light Columns for a Birthday Party.

There are no limits on the balloon designs that our artist can create. With more than 10 Singapore professional balloon artist on our team, you can be assured that our balloons art are one of the best in Singapore, or even around the world.


Balloon Columns and Backdrop Services

Last weekend, our balloon artists were invited by our guests to 2 different birthday parties to do up balloon columns and backdrops for their birthday child.

Both Balloon backdrops and columns are customisable upon request and we will do our best to realise your dream into beautiful balloon art pieces.

balloon backdrop

Balloon backdrop not only serves as JUST a backdrop, it can also turn your backdrop into a gorgeous balloon photobooth for your lovely guests to take photos with! Just place some props at the side of your event table and Viola! You got a photobooth with no additional cost intended.

balloon columnBalloon columns can also add substantial value to your event by placing them at the side of the entrance to welcome the guest arrival and also to kick-start the whole joyous celebration. This time round our client requested for a pair of balloon columns that is made up of 3 different colours (blue, pink and purple) to match their birthday theme as well as a big red foiled heart at the top of the columns to represent their love for their child.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.


Balloon Large Sculpture Display

Attract wealth and prosperity from the God of Wealth this year with BALLOONS!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, having a large sculpture of the God of Wealth to be placed at the entrance of your event will instantly change the whole outlook of your event, making it more prosperous and creates a livelier ambience at your event.


Large Sculpture Display is also exceptionally good as well for new outlets to attract the attention of your customers and bringing luck and profits to your doorsteps.


As this year is the Year of Monkey, you can even add a customised Monkey Backdrop for your event to make it even more prosperous that even the fortune will smile at you! Just let us know your preferred designs and we will turn your ideas into reality.

ThatBalloons hereby wishing everyone here a Happy Chinese New Year and May this year be filled with good fortune and happiness~

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.