Balloon Cai Shen Ye Sculpture Decoration

Life-size Cai Shen Ye (aka God of Fortune) Balloon Sculpture Decoration!  No doubt, you are looking at one of the best Cai Shen Ye balloon sculpture design in Singapore! Design and done by our in-house local balloon artist, Kaden Tan and Zach Ho.

The secret lies in the details.

This year, we have once again improve on our Cai Shen Ye balloon sculpture designs. From the elaborated hat to the hand-drawn face, we also use a special electronic balloon pump that comes with a precise timer to ensure every single balloon is the right size.

Balloon God of Fortune Sculpture

Balloon Cai Shen Ye Sculpture Decoration

God of Fortune Balloon Sculpture
Chinese New Year Balloon Decoration Balloon Cai Shen Ye CNY Decoration Balloon Cai Shen Ye

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Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

Every year, our balloon artists are invited to sculpt a balloon god of fortune (aka Cai Shen Ye) for our client’s event! Below are 3 different Cai Shen Ye sculpted on 3 different years!

Book our your Cai Shen Ye now before all our artist slots are taken up! Balloon Cai Shen Ye God of Fortune

Cai Shen Ye Balloon Sculpture 761x1024

God of Wealth

Balloon Cai Shen Ye 768x1024

Large Cai Shen Ye as featured on Channel 8

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Balloon Large Sculpture Display

Attract wealth and prosperity from the God of Wealth this year with BALLOONS!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, having a large sculpture of the God of Wealth to be placed at the entrance of your event will instantly change the whole outlook of your event, making it more prosperous and creates a livelier ambience at your event.


Large Sculpture Display is also exceptionally good as well for new outlets to attract the attention of your customers and bringing luck and profits to your doorsteps.


As this year is the Year of Monkey, you can even add a customised Monkey Backdrop for your event to make it even more prosperous that even the fortune will smile at you! Just let us know your preferred designs and we will turn your ideas into reality.

ThatBalloons hereby wishing everyone here a Happy Chinese New Year and May this year be filled with good fortune and happiness~

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