Art of Balloon Dress

A movement working with the concept “Balloon Fashion”, which projects various aspects of art and designs, have captured the attention of many who values the art. A combination of 2 different forms of art, aspiring to establish a continuous...


Balloon Sculpting in Singapore

Balloon sculpting is an art of twisting that allows the professional artists to twist balloons at any given shape to your desired form. At That Balloons, we house talented in-house balloon artists that will be able to turn your imaginations into...


Balloon Arch Decorations

Last weekend, Church has once again invited us to do up a balloon arch for their event. This time, they requested to have a musical spiral arch at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall to welcome their church-goers to the wonderful and joyous...


Balloon Decorations in Singapore

This week, we are proud to be engaged by Yahoo to celebrate together for their 21st birthday. Yahoo requested to have balloon columns and helium balloon bundle made up of representative colours (purple, white) to represent their logo. Helium...


LED Lights Balloon Decorations

Make your balloon decorations sparkle to life! Other than the usual balloon decorations you’ve seen, we provide LED lights balloon decorations where LED Lights are installed on the balloon sculptures to add substantial value and sparkle to...

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