Balloon Sculpting at Kinokuniya

That Balloons wish everyone a very happy new year! We have had many balloon sculpting give away in the last month! Did you manage to spot our balloon artist?

Singapore Balloon Artists with Prime Minister

Our balloon artist at Singapore Prime Minister house during Chinese New Year 2014.

Below is our balloon artist, Sherman, entertaining children with his balloon sculptures at Kinokuniya Singapore! Other balloon artists include Zhong Yu, Chinbee Aw, and Norman, who went to 3 other Kinokuniya outlets giving out balloon sculptures to children!

Interested in getting a balloon artist for your upcoming event or party to entertain your guest? Feel free to contact our friendly sales manager, Chinbee Aw, to assist you for your event needs.

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Balloons for Fendi Event

Fashion. Art. Design.

Connecting people with the art of balloons, at Fendi Kids Store (Marina Bay Sands Outlet).

Balloon Artist – Zhong Yu and Chinbee Aw.
Singapore Balloon Artist

The balloon sculptures are designed, handmade and crafted by professional balloon artist. Every balloon sculpture becomes a special gift for the guest.

As a balloon artist, we aim to bring this art form to a higher level in Singapore. Your guest do not just get the balloons, they walk away with a smile.

Explore our balloon sculpture’s gallery here.

We have also provided our balloon sculpting service for Celebrities’ Party, Branded Store’s Events, Dinner and Dance Events, Road Shows, Carnival Events, Birthday Celebrations, Private Parties and Shopping Malls. Our balloon sculpting service is available for reservation here.

Balloons for Branding

Expand your brand by including art in your marketing plans and strategies can bring your brand to a higher level in your industry. In order to have a successful collaboration, a brand must choose an artist that it can connects with to produce the best result and increase sales.

Here in That Balloons, our balloon artist understand that a public promotional event is important to our client, thus giving our best in each and every single event. Discover the balloon art that our balloon artist have done for two popular brands in Singapore.

Singapore Balloon Artist Kaden

Balloon Sculpting at the launch of Melissa Shoe Retail Outlet.

Getting an artist or celebrity at your event also creates a higher trust level, attracts crowds and getting free publicity from the audience sharing about what’s interesting and who they saw at your event.

Paige Chua Vitegen Event

Mediacorp Celebrity Paige Chua, appearance at Vitagen Promotional Event at NEX in Singapore.

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Feel free to contact our manager, Chinbee Aw, to understand more about how we can arrange a professional artist to create memorable event for your brand. Thank you!

Art of Balloon Sculpting

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Just like true artist, we care about the people who received our balloons, making sure we put a smile on everyone’s faces. It’s not about getting corporate sponsorship or earning the big bucks, our balloon artist aims to inspire people and change the way they think about the art we do.

Balloon Artist Chinbee Aw

Balloon Sculpting Service at Lau Pa Sat grand opening, a historic building in Singapore.

More than just sculpting balloons, we appreciate people who take balloon art about as seriously as we do. The art of balloon sculpting is about creating happiness, for the people we love… and people who appreciate art.

Balloon Sculpting for Events!

In That Balloons, every balloon sculpture that our artist do is a piece of art. We have spent years of experiences, constantly learning and adjusting the process of twisting balloons so that your guest will be able to get the balloon sculptures they want in the shortest possible time!

Balloons for photoshoot

Balloons for Photoshoot. Done by Chinbee Aw.

Below are some of the balloon sculptures done by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan, Chinbee Aw and Norman Tan!

From Photoshoot, gifts or a little surprise for your family and friends, our professional Balloon Sculpting Service suit all occasion and events! Please click here to see some of the balloon sculptures done by our balloon artists.

Feel free contact us if you would like to book our balloon artist for your party or events in Singapore! Thank you!