Professional Balloon Decorations

Here in That Balloons, we provide professional balloon decorations service in Singapore. Our balloon artists are hired for more than 30 parties and events every month to provide our balloon services. Here are a list of the different types of balloon decorations we have done for some of our recent clients:


Stage Flower & Rainbow Balloon Decorations.


Stage Balloon Backdrop


Diamond Balloon Columns with Gold Star


Balloon Couple Display Decorations


Balloon Elephant Display


Balloon Giraffe Display


Balloon Letters Display


Helium Balloon Bundles Decorations


Helium Balloon Bundles Decorations


Helium Balloon Bundles Decorations


Helium Balloons with Hanging Stars

balloon-photo-booth-photoframe-singaporeBalloon Photo Frame for Birthday Party

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Balloon Decorations in Singapore

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Twitter, we are honoured to be engaged by Twitter to do up balloon frame decorations to add up to the joyous atmosphere of the event celebration.

twitter balloon deco

Twitter requested for a spiral balloon frame decorations mainly made up with colours of white and blue to represent their logo (Blue Soaring Bird) as well as sliver foiled balloons to be used for their company name to stand out from the decoration.

Additional details such as the hash-tags, reply, re-tweet as well as the 3D favourite button are also added to the balloon decorations as well to further enhance the decorations to provide an eye-catching experience for all and also a potable photobooth for precious moments.

balloon artists

Our Balloon Artists

At ThatBalloons, we work with professional balloon artists as we value all our guests and aims to provide 100% satisfaction for our services.

Last but not the LEAST…..

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter!

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Balloon Booth Decorations

Draw ENORMOUS crowds with IMPRESSIVE balloons decorations!

Recently ThatBalloons have been engaged by Republic Polytechnic to help to customise and decorate a trade show exhibition booth for students who are taking their entrepreneurship module. Students are required to display their products and find their potential clients to gain points for their Mid-Semester grades.

Balloon Frame Decorations

Our happy clients are very impressed with our level of services provided for them and even thanked us several times for the wonderful decorations we did for their booth. At ThatBalloons, we promises good premium balloons and engage only the professional balloon artists to do up beautiful balloon decorations for all event services.

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Rainbow Balloon Decoration

One of our balloon artist’s masterpiece is the rainbow balloon photo frame design. A mixture of floating balloons, foil balloons, round balloons and sculpting balloons that create a simple yet truly inspiring rainbow balloon photo frame design.

Balloon Photo Frame

Our rainbow balloon collections include designs by various professional balloon artist from Singapore. The rainbow collections include balloon arch, balloon backdrop, balloon photo frame and balloon columns. To view some of the rainbow balloon decoration’s items, click here.

Below are some of the rainbow balloon decoration’s designs that we have done for many of our clients over the years.

Art is ageless.

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Unforgettable Moments

Here in That Balloons, our artists aim to create unforgettable moments for each and every events we do. Our goals to amaze and impress our clients is what that has got us here today! We are still consistently improving and bringing this art form to a higher level in Singapore!

Hot Air Balloon Arch

Customised Hot-air Balloon Rainbow Arch at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) in SIngapore!

Balloon Photo Frame

Garden Balloon Photo Frame for 21st Birthday Party!

*Both balloon works above are done and designed by Kaden Tan*

If you are planning of ways to entertain and impress your guest, why not try it with balloons? Get our professional Balloon Artist for your event today!

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