Balloon Drop for Hire in Singapore

Cracking your mind to create a big impact to your guests? Balloon Drops are awe-inspiring! It will leave the deepest impression of your event to all your invited guests! Hire our Balloon Drop for your upcoming event in Singapore today!

If you are longing to create a memorable product launch or even opening ceremony experience for your guests, then you have come to the right place! That Balloons will perfect your event with our balloon drop to create an oh-so-unforgettable experience!

Here in That Balloons, we provide affordable and creative balloon services! Tell us what you have in mind and be ready to be impressed by our balloon artists’ creations!

Take your time to pick your favourite colours as we have more than 50 colours to choose from!

Balloon Drop Countdown Party

Our balloon drop is activate using a string pulling system. One manpower has to pull the string manually to release a net full of balloons! If you would like to know if your venue is able to hang the balloon drop, you may send us a photo of your venue and arrange an appointment with our balloon artist.

Below is a video of our balloon drop done at Capitol Theatre. Our team is unable to hang the balloon net as there are permanent lightings hanging on the thrust, and there were no other place we could hang the net. Thus, the balloons are release manually by having a few manpower pushing the balloons from the back of the net!

Balloon Drop for Chinese New Year Celebration

Discover how we can customize a dreamy balloon drop for you here!

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Balloon Drop Services

Realize your dreams with balloons.

ThatBalloons have been providing Balloon Drop Services for School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) consecutively for 5 years (& counting on) and our clients are very impressed by the premium balloons that we used.

balloon drop

Balloons are carefully chosen and only the premium balloons will be used for any events to ensure that the balloons will last up to 3 days longer as compared to those of mediocre qualities. They are also fairly resistant to sharp objects, making them having a longer durability for your event.

500 balloons drop – $600/-
1000 balloons drop – $1000/-

Click here to discover more large-scale balloon decorations!

Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.


Special Effect Balloon Drops

Fly away with That BalloonsBalloons descending SEA Games 2015 Sports Hub

That Balloons have done special effects such as releasing balloons in the air for various clubs and event/concerts in Singapore! It’s like those effect that you might have seen it at a concert or in the television. We are highly engaged by the entertainment industry such as clubs and concerts for these projects!

The colours of the balloons in the net can be selected to suit to the theme of your concert or event! The material of the balloons are made of high quality rubbers and the air in the balloon can last for quite a period of time.

Balloons are not just balloons itself but it is the joy and laughter it could bring. Discover more by clicking here!

Feel free to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, about how we can work together to make the whole project a memorable one.