Organic Balloon Garland Decorations in Singapore

Looking to hire the best organic balloon garland decorations in Singapore? With more than 10 years in the balloon industry, our balloon artists have done over 1000 balloon decorations till date! Whether you are organising a kids birthday party or a corporate event, we can customised all types of organic balloon garland decorations that fits the theme of your event!

Below are some of the recent organic balloon decorations we have done:

Organic Balloon Garland Decorations

Here’s a customised organic balloon decorations done for a birthday party! Using pastel balloon colours and fairy lights, you an be assured to surprise your kids with this lovely balloon decor set up!

Balloon Decorations for Birthday Party Singapore

Here’s an organic balloon decorations done for Medtronic! By using their corporate colours yet not having the balloon colours blend with the colour of the wall, we use different shades of blue and “double stuff” to create a glowing royal dark blue colour! Look closely and you would know which glowing blue balloon I’m referring to.

Organic Balloon Decor

Discover the full list of organic balloon garland decorations done by our in-house balloon artist!

Our balloon garland decor starts from just $150 onwards depending on the design and venue! To hire our balloon services, simply contact our friendly sales assistant to enquire!

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Superhero Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore

As we start off 2021, a new year, a new beginning. I’m pretty sure many things have happened in the past year. Whether the good such as celebrative events, occasions, or celebrations or the bad such as the pandemic that happened all across the world. We are moving forward to a new year!

Every year, some common occasions that we celebrate are Chinese new year, birthdays, valentine’s day, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and many more!

What are celebrations without pretty decorations that set the mood for the festive season right? That Balloon caters balloon decorations for all celebrations from your birthdays to any other event that you are having!

Having a themed party? Not a problem! We can cater to any themed parties you are having whether it is superhero themed, princess themed, Chinese new year themed or any other themed that you would like to have, we will fulfil your dream party!

Here are some photos from our latest superhero party balloon decorations in Singapore:

Superhero themed party decorationSuperhero Balloon decorationsSuperhero Balloon Decoations

To enquire with us, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form! Our sales assistant will reply as soon as we received your form! For any urgent enquiry, you may call or WhatsApp our friendly sales assistant as well!

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Shop Opening Balloon Decorations

Doing a shop opening launch event is a great way to get the attention of everyone in the area! If you are having a tight budget, having these shop opening balloon decorations is another great alternative to attract customers to your shop as well!

Balloon Congratulatory Stand

Mark the beginning of a new business by sending a customised congratulatory grand opening balloon stand to wish your your friend, relative or business associates a prosperous new beginning on their shop opening. Choose from adding customised hand-crafted balloon sculptures with personalised messages and foil balloons to make your balloon stand STANDS OUT from the rest!

Grand Opening Balloon Flower Stand Delivery Grand Opening Balloon Stand Delivery Grand Opening Balloon Stand Delivery Singapore Grand Opening Balloon Stand Singapore

Balloon Pillars Decorations

Other than having a congratulatory balloon stand, we also provide giant star balloon pillars for shop opening decoration as well! Placing these balloon columns is another effective way to attract passerby to notice your shop.

Gold Star Balloon Columns Decorations

Helium Balloon Decorations and Giveaway

Lastly, having a helium balloon decorations and giveaway can hype up the atmosphere of your shop opening event! Few weeks back, we have helped Shake Shack inflate 100 customised helium balloons for their shop opening at Orchard Road!

Helium Balloons Delivery Shake Shack Shake Shack Helium Balloons Delivery Singapore Shake Shack Helium Balloons Singapore

Looking for other shop opening balloon decorations and ideas? Feel free to contact our sales assistant for more information!

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Balloon Arch Ideas in Singapore

Looking for balloon arch ideas in Singapore in the year 2020? Here are some of our signature balloon arch designs we have done for our clients the past few weeks! Customise to the theme of our client’s event, each balloon arch has its own charm and got everyone attention at the event!

Christmas Balloon Arch

Balloon Christmas Arch SingaporePopcorn Balloon Arch

Popcorn Balloon Arch Singapore

Rainbow and Clouds Balloon Arch

Rainbow and Clouds Balloon Arch

Spiral Balloon Arch with God of Fortune SculptureBlue and White Balloon ArchRed and Gold CNY Balloon ArchRed and Gold Balloon Arch

Rectangle Balloon ArchBalloon Square Arch SingaporeBalloon Arch with Customised Foam Board for Don Don DonkiBalloon Arch for Don Don DonkiMusic Theme Balloon Arch Decorations

Balloon Musical Arch Singapore

Star Balloon ArchStar Balloon Arch Singapore

Spiral Balloon ArchBalloon Arch for School Event

Our team has done over 100 of balloon arches over the years. Simply check out the list of balloon arch we have done here!

Rainbow Balloon Arch with Sunflower


Garden Balloon Decorations Singapore

We are proud to wok with our event partner, 2+1 Concept, to enhance their client’s family day event with our garden balloon decorations! Held at Flower Field Hall at Garden by the Bay, our garden balloon decorations compliment the theme of the family day event smoothly! With add on rainbow and animal balloon sculptures, we guaranteed the kids to go crazy over the balloons!

Here’s a photo of a customised garden balloon arch with rainbow and unicorn!

Rainbow and Tree Balloon Arch Singapore

Tired of the usual signage at your event? Why not do it with balloons! Here’s our activity booth balloon column signage!

Rainbow Balloon Columns SingaporeWhat makes balloons unique are the twisted shapes that balloon artists can create! Impress your guest with these balloon sculptures on the balloon decorations. Here you can see each balloon sculpture on the balloon wall tells a story…

Garden Balloon Sculptures Balloon Ladybug Sculpture Singapore Balloon Monkey Sculpture Singpore Unicorn Balloon Sculpture Singapore

Looking for more balloon decoration ideas? We have done over a thousands balloon decorations for events in Singapore! Discover what our balloon artists have done over the years in our balloon decoration’s gallery here.

Balloon Stage Decorations Singapore

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