Balloon Decorations Specially Customised For You !

Having an upcoming birthday party? In the midst of planning an event and are having trouble with the decorations for the event?

Worry no more! We have it covered for you ! 

Speaking of decorations, balloons are always the to-go solution as it brings out the theme and colours of an event. Whether it is for a wedding, anniversary, school event, birthday party or any festive event.We have just the right balloon decoration for the right occasion specially customized for you!

One of the decorations that I will be introducing to you today, will be our balloon name and number decoration! This is an item that is well-loved by many because of it’s exquisite and well-made appearance.

Well … doesn’t that look astonishing?

The good news is that you can now have it for your own or for your loved ones today at an affordable rate that will definitely be worth the beauty of it. Each and every balloon we make is specially customized for each of our customers.

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Balloon Decorations for Schools in Singapore

As a registered government vendors, That Balloons work with many schools by providing our balloon decorations service over the past few years. Whether it’s for a celebration party or a graduation ceremony, our balloon artists have never failed to amaze and impressed our clients.

Unlike others, we are able to include customised sculptures into our balloon decoration designs as well! Whether you like to have balloon flowers or animal sculptures, simply let us know the balloon sculptures you wish to have and we can construct into the balloon decor as requested!

Balloon Flowers Decorations (Stage Front)

Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Rainbow Pillars Balloon Decorations

To enquire with us, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form! Our sales assistant will reply as soon as we received your form! For any urgent enquiry, you may call or WhatsApp our friendly sales assistant as well.

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Stage Front Balloon Decoration Singapore

Whether it’s a birthday party or a private event, a stage front decoration is important to let your guest know where they should focus their attention on at a venue. For a birthday party, having a nicely set-up decoration at your cake-cutting table is great as cake-cutting ceremony is the time when guest starts taking photos! For private event with a stage, having balloon decoration is a cheaper alternative yet special, as compared to having plants at the stage front.

Below are some of the stage front balloon decoration set up we have done!

Depending on the event venue and the type of event, we are able to customise the balloons according to your needs! Simply contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more about how we can create an eye-catching and memorable balloon decoration for your event!


Giant Balloon Pit in Singapore

Just like a giant ball pit, our giant balloon pit offer as much FUN, if not… BETTER! Discover how you can create an one of a kind interactive experience with balloons! Whether you are having a private party, road show or event, our balloon pit can be customised to the theme that you need. Below are some photo of our rainbow and clouds balloon pit we did for Clark Quay Central Mall:

Other than having both kids and adults in having fun with balloons in the pit, the back of the pit can serve as an amazing photo backdrop as well!

Find out more information of our Giant Balloon Pit!

Below is a video of how our balloon pit looks like:

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Balloon Backdrop Decoration in Singapore

If you are looking for a unique stage backdrop, a Photo Booth backdrop or simply an area that you would like to decorate, look no further as our balloon backdrop decoration is what you need for your event in Singapore! Unlike many, our balloon backdrop size, colour and theme can be customised to the theme of your event. Below are some of the recent balloon backdrop we did for our clients:

Balloon Backdrop for Indian Heritage Centre

Balloon Backdrop for Goldman Sachs

Balloon Backdrop for Galmon

Balloon Backdrop for a Private Birthday Party

Discover the full collection of our balloon backdrop here!

Looking for balloon artists in Singapore to conceptualise your upcoming party or event venue decoration? Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out how we can help create a memorable balloon decorations for you.

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