Best Balloon Arch Decoration Company in Singapore

As the Best Balloon Arch Decoration Company in Singapore, That Balloons has done over 400 balloon arch designs over the years! From a classic spiral balloon arch to a customised giant balloon arch, our balloon decoration services have never fails to impress our clients!

Best Balloon Arch Decoration Company in Singapore

Below are some of our recent balloon arches done by our in-house balloon artists.


Wedding Balloon Arch with Fresh Flowers Decoration

We would like to thank our client for having us on their big day to create a beautiful wedding balloon arch with fresh flowers decoration to compliment their table setting.

Organic Balloon Arch Decoration at Monti Singapore

Organic Balloon Arc for Hire Singapore

Large Outdoor Spiral Balloon Arch Decoration

Thanks Seletar Country Club for having us to set up a large outdoor spiral balloon arch decoration!

Outdoor Balloon Arch Decoration Singapore Large Outdoor Balloon Arch Decroation Singapore Large Outdoor Spiral Balloon Arch Singapore

Spiral Balloon Arch Decoration

Spiral balloon arch may be simple, yet an effective way to attract attention and bring up the mood of your event! Here are a few spiral balloon arch we did for F45 indoor gym, Dunman High School and a private birthday party!

Spiral Red Blue and White Balloon Arch Sprial Balloon Arch with Foil Letters Singapore Sprial Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration Singapore

Mobile Legend Balloon Arch Decoration

Looking for more balloon arch decoration ideas? That Balloons can help you customise the balloon arch you wish to have! Simply let us know the theme of your party, or send us a photo of the balloon arch you want. Contact our friendly sales assistant now!

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Customisable Balloon Pillars Decoration in Singapore

That Balloons offer the most unique and customisable balloon pillars decoration in Singapore! If you are looking for a cheap and simple balloon decoration to welcome your guests, or sending a congratulatory balloon stand for a shop opening event, look no further as we got it all covered for you!

Customisable Balloon Pillars Decoration in Singapore

Our professional and experienced team of balloon artists have been in the industry for many years, and you can be assured that you are in good hands when appointing us as your balloon vendor in Singapore.

Raffles Medical Group Balloon Pillars Decoration

We would like Raffles Medical Group to engage our balloon pillars decoration for their 45th anniversary this year. We covered all 17 locations delivery on a single day, and did a balloon photo frame decoration at Raffles Medical Hospital!

Tall Balloon Pillars for Hire Singapore Customised Balloon Pillar Singapore

Balloon Photo Frame Raffles Medical Group Singapore

Balloon Pillars Decoration for Private Parties

We have also done other balloon pillars decoration for private parties as well. However, balloon pillar can be unique and fun looking as well! Check out the following balloon pillars and large balloon sculpture display decorations we have recently done for our clients:

Balloon Number Pillars Decorations Singapore Balloon Ice Cream Sculpture Decoration Singapore

Balloon School Girl Sculpture Decoration Singapore

Congratulatory Balloon Pillar Stand

Balloon pillars can also be use for congratulatory balloon stand for shop opening event as well! That Balloons is proud to be the first balloon company to introduce a full customisable congratulatory balloon stand delivery!

Balloon Star Pillar Delivery for Shop Opening

Balloon Pillars Decoration for Don Don Donki Congratulatory Balloon Stand for Shop Opening

Enquire with our friendly sales assistant now!

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Customised Large Balloon Sculpture Decorations in Singapore

Here we did a large flying balloon dragon sculpture in a house!

Here in That Balloons, we offer a one-stop balloon decoration services for parties and events in Singapore! Our customised large balloon sculpture decorations has endless possibilities. Whatever you can think of, we can create. With over 10 years of experiences, our balloon artists are one of the best you can ever find in Singapore.

Here’s our recent balloon decoration done for a birthday party!

Toothless Dragon Balloon Sculpture

Our balloon artist decided that we can make the dragon “fly”, by having this balloon sculpture installed on their ceiling!

Balloon Toothless Dragon Sculpture on Ceiling Singapore Balloon Toothless Dragon Sculpture Flying Balloon Dragon Sculpture Decoration Balloon Decorations for Birthday Party Singapore

Fox in Socks Balloon Decoration

Another customise cartoon balloon decoration, Fox in Socks, done by our in house balloon artists! A number balloon display and a balloon backdrop decoration with a Fox in Socks balloon sculpture.

Balloon Wall Decoration with Fox Balloon Sculpture Number Balloon Decoration Display with Fox Sculpture

Totoro Balloon Sculpture Decoration

Here’s a customised Totoro balloon sculpture decoration delivered for a birthday party surprise!

Totoro Balloon Sculpture Decoration

Baby Shark Balloon Decoration

Another customised baby shark balloon decoration done for our client!

Baby Shark Balloon Decoration Display Singapore

Looking for other customised balloon sculpture decoration inspiration? Need to customise a cartoon character, logo or any large display with balloons for your upcoming event? Contact us to find out how we can create your idea with balloons!

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Balloon Pillars Decoration in Singapore

Balloon Pillars Decoration in Singapore, also known as balloon columns, is a cheap an affordable alternative to fill up those empty spaces at your venue. Having these balloon pillars can make a difference by bringing up the mood of your event! Whether it’s filling up those empty spaces at your venue, welcoming your guest to your event or retail shops or decorating your stage, we have done it all!

Below are some of the balloon columns done by our in-house balloon artist in Singapore!

Balloon Pillars Entrance Decoration

Welcome your guest with our shooting star balloon pillars! Great for graduation or award ceremony event where you want to keep the decoration classy.

Bending Star Balloon Columns

National Day Balloon Pillars

During national day, we are engaged by various schools in Singapore to help decorate their school hall with balloons! Here’s a customised pair of Singapore Flag Balloon Pillars!

Singapore Balloon Columns

Balloon Pillars Shop Entrance

Our balloon pillars done for Smiggle at Vivo City for their promotion event!

Simple Balloon Columns for Sale

Personalised Message on Balloon Pillars

Did you know? You can customise message on our star foil balloons as well!

Personalised Star Balloon Pillar Decoration

Balloon Pillars Stage Decoration

With limited budget to fill up a large empty spaces on the stage, why not have these balloon pillars we have done for SIA event!

Stage Balloon Columns Decorations

Shop opening Balloon Pillars Decoration

Using customised foam board to replace the usual balloon star, we have done a simple pair of balloon pillars for Don Don Donki shop opening event!

Balloon Columns decorations for Don Don Donki Opening

Balloon Signage Pillar Decoration

Use our balloon pillars to show your guest the way to your party or event venue! This customised signage for done for a church event in Singapore!

Cheap Balloon Arrow Signage

Discover what our balloon pillars decoration are used for here! Enquire with us today for a free consultation!

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Organic Balloon Garland Decoration in Singapore

When it comes to balloon decoration, That Balloons is no doubt the best balloon company to look for! We are proud to offer professional organic balloon garland decoration in Singapore for parties and events! From organic balloon arch, balloon pillars, or just about anywhere you wish to have balloons to fill up the empty space at your event, our professional balloon artists are here to help!

Our company offer professional balloon services with competitive rates in the industry. Below are some of our recent balloon decoration we did for our clients:

Organic Balloon Arch for School Graduation Ceremony

Organic Balloon Arch Decoration Singapore

Organic Balloon Columns Decoration

Organic Balloon Column Decoration

Other Organic Balloon Decoration

Organic Balloon Decoration Outdoor Restaurant Outdoor Organic Balloon Decor Organic Balloon Decoration for Corporate Office Halloween Theme Organic Balloon Garland Organic Balloon Decoration for Birthday Party Simple Organic Decor for baby Photoshoot Organic Balloon Garland Decoration Garden Theme Organic Balloon Garland Decor Singapore

No matter where your venue is, our organic balloon decoration concept can fit in just right! Simply contact our friendly sales assistant for a free consultation today!

Discover the full collection of our organic balloon decoration here.

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