Monster Balloon Decorations

We have done more than 100 different theme of balloon decorations, and this monster theme balloon decoration is one of which we enjoyed the most! With more than 8 years of experienced in the industry, you can be assured our balloon artist give...


Balloon Decoration in Singapore

As the leading balloon company in Singapore, we have done various customised balloon decoration in Singapore. From birthday parties to corporate events, simply snap a photo of the venue and let us know the theme and budget of your event. Our...


Stage Balloon Backdrop Singapore

Want to have a very different and unique stage backdrop for your company D&D this year? Here in That Balloons, our balloon artist use various types of balloons to create the ultimate backdrop for events in Singapore! Below is a stage balloon...


Stage Balloon Decoration

  Discover happiness with balloons. That Balloons is offering decoration service made of balloons for your stage at your event! All decoration service are done by our professional balloon artist.   Such balloon decoration for event...


Quality Balloon Arch Decoration

“Nobody can be un-cheered with a balloon” The most important thing that a balloon decoration must have to last throughout days, weeks or even up to a month is to ensure that balloons are made of the best quality. Unlike the ones you...

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