Balloon Decoration in Singapore

As the leading balloon company in Singapore, we have done various customised balloon decoration in Singapore. From birthday parties to corporate events, simply snap a photo of the venue and let us know the theme and budget of your event. Our...


Venue Balloon Decoration Service

When it comes to having professional venue decoration with balloons, our team has more than 7 years of experience decorating countless of venues in Singapore! Started off with a strong passion, we have done more than 400 balloon decorations...


Simple Balloon Decoration

Simple Balloon Decoration is a cheap and great way to welcome your guest for your event! If you are looking for ways to enhance your party or event atmosphere with a tight budget, these simple balloon decoration will do the job! Below are some...


Event Venue Balloon Decoration

Looking for balloon decoration’s idea at your event venue? Our balloon artists are experienced and done more than 100 different balloon decoration at various event venues in Singapore! From birthday party to professional corporate events...


Customised Balloon Columns

As professional balloon artist, we provide customised balloon columns for our client. From choosing the colours to the overall design, our customisation service has no limit! Below are some of the customised balloon columns we did for our client...


Rainbow Balloon Columns

We are once again engage by the church to create Rainbow Balloon Columns in Singapore Expo. Rainbow columns are great for kids’ events as it brighten up the event venue and attracts passerby to take a photo with it. Rainbow balloon...

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