Customised Theme Balloon Arch

Here in THAT Balloons, our balloon artists have done more than 100 different customised  theme balloon arch over the past few years in Singapore. From the elegant looking spiral balloon arch to a complex theme balloon arch design, our balloon artists have never failed to impress our client with what they need at their event! Below are the few balloon arch that we have done recently.


Custom colours Arch

Spiral Balloon Arch | Education and Career Fair | Singapore Polytechnic


Custom colours Arch

Spiral Balloon Arch | Infinity Live


Custom Wordings and Colours Arch

Spiral Balloon Arch with clouds | Award Ceremony | YMCA


Custom Design and Colours Arch

Flowers Balloon Arch | 1st Birthday Party | Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore


Custom Theme Design Arch

Space Balloon Arch | Marina Bay Sands Singapore


Custom Theme Design Arch

Sports Balloon Arch | Family Day | Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC)

Other than customised balloon arch designs, we can customised our balloon column to your event’s theme as well!

sports-theme-balloon-columnsSports Theme Balloon Columns

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Customised Balloon Columns

As professional balloon artist, we provide customised balloon columns for our client. From choosing the colours to the overall design, our customisation service has no limit! Below are some of the customised balloon columns we did for our client the last few days:


Star Balloon Columns – Golden Yellow & Midnight Blue.


Rainbow Star Balloon Columns.


Grand Star Cloumns – Gold, Black, Silver.


Grand Star Columns at LTA.


Bejeweled Customised Balloon Nail Polish Balloon Column.



Nail Polish Balloon Sculpture.


Balloon Traffic Light Columns for a Birthday Party.

There are no limits on the balloon designs that our artist can create. With more than 10 Singapore professional balloon artist on our team, you can be assured that our balloons art are one of the best in Singapore, or even around the world.


Quality Balloon Column Decoration

Create happiness with balloons

Balloon Wedding Couple Sculpture Singapore

That Balloons have made many each and every balloon column order transaction a successful one. The simple twisted shape filled with air brings much joy and glee when it is loved. All balloon decorations are suited and designed upon request and suit up to the theme of the event or party!

Balloon columns are one of our top balloon order we have received so far! We do other balloon decoration such as balloon arch and backdrops made with balloons. Start having your first unique balloon party or event today! Below are some of the balloon columns done by our balloon artist.

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Balloon Column Designs

Every customised balloon columns designed and hand crafted by our balloon artists are the signature balloon decoration’s items from That Balloons.
Flower Balloon Pillars

Our custom design balloon column is a combination of various qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. A true beauty for the ones who appreciate the art of balloon decorations.

Balloon Fruits and Caterpillar

Explore our unique balloon columns and balloon pillars designs here.

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Balloon Decoration Ideas

What are some of the balloon decoration ideas you can do for your party or event? Here in That Balloons, our balloon artist have done countless of balloon decorations for our client’s event. Below are some of the decorations that we have done that might give you some ideas of how to decorate your venue with balloons.

Customised Balloon Arch

We believe in simplicity when it comes to venue decorations. A balloon rainbow arch with balloon sunflower sculptures would brighten up your event venue and fits in perfectly.

Customised Balloon Columns

If you are planning a small scale event or the venue has got low ceiling, a pair of balloon columns to welcome your guest might just do the trick!

Customised Balloon for Karl Lagerfeld

Whether it’s for marketing purpose, to attract crowd at a booth or retail shop, or just a gift for your family or friends, a balloon display would best suits your need! You name it and we get it customised for you!

Customised Balloon Backdrop Display

Want something special for your stage backdrop or a photo booth backdrop? A balloon backdrop is something that you want to have at your event! We guaranteed that your guest can’t stop taking pictures of themselves with the customised balloon backdrop!

Helium Balloons

We don’t always recommend helium balloons for two reasons. Firstly, it can only last approximately 4 to 6 hours. Secondly, it is very expensive! However, we believe some balloons floating around at your venue would be nice too.

Balloon Tunnel by Kaden Tan

Having a balloon arch to welcome your guest is too common? How about a balloon tunnel? Walking through a tunnel made of balloons is a whole new experience for many people in SIngapore!

Christmas Balloon Decorations

The possibility of what we can do with balloons are endless! To view the gallery of our balloon decorations done by our balloon artists, click here.

How about telling us the balloon decoration ideas you have in mind for your venue decorations? Feel free to call or email our friendly sales assistant, Chinbee Aw, for any enquiries. Looking forward to make your event a memorable one! Thank you!