Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations

As the year-end is approaching, our balloon artists are preparing for all the upcoming events that are happening in Singapore! From birthday parties to large scale events, we are ready to present our best artwork to you!

Customised Balloon Arch

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Lily Tan.

What makes our balloon artist’s balloon decorations different are the distinctive details added to an everyday classic. Our remarkable balloon decoration’s concept are different in many ways. Our balloon artists improve their techniques and equipment used for events over the years so as to be of international standard in balloon art.

Customised Balloon Backdrop Display

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Kaden Tan.

Through working with many international award winning balloon artists, our clients have trusted us with our balloon decoration’s designs as we ensure the artwork to be unique and memorable at every events!

Stage Balloon Decorations

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Jazz Ang.

Discover some of the balloon decorations we have done for the past few years here.

Grand Balloon Backdrop

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Kaden Tan.

Impress your guest for your upcoming events with That Balloons now!


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  1. Hi! Would like to know how much are your services for stage balloon backdrop? We have a “butterfly” theme to follow. Appreciate your reply.

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