Special Effects

From massive balloon drop release to balloon explosion launch special effects, hire experienced balloon sepcialist for your upcoming event to create special effects with balloons today! That Balloons is a local balloon company provide all types of balloon services in Singapore.

Balloons Release

Here in That Balloons, we have done special effects such as balloon release drop in the air for various events in Singapore!

Balloons descending SEA Games 2015 Sports Hub

 See below for our balloon drop effect done for SEA Games closing ceremony 2015.

500 balloons drop – $600/-
1000 balloons drop – $1000/-

Price above does not includes scissors lift operator. Please email us your event and venue details for more information. Thank you!

Singapore Sports Hub
SOTA Concert Hall
Shangri-la Hotel
Ceylon Sports Club
Expo Hall
Club Soul
… and many more!

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Stage Opening Special Effect

Open your stage show or concert with balloons today! Free consultation on the designs available with our balloon artist here. Below is a video of how our diamond balloons special effect looks like:

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Balloon Wall Release Effect

For product launch or unveiling a masterpiece behind the backdrop, balloon wall release may be the unique special effect for your outdoor event! Other than balloon wall release, we also do balloon wall pops and many other balloon special effect for product launch or opening of event as well! Contact us for more information.

Balloon Wall for product launch Product Launch with Balloon Wall Balloon Wall Lauch Special Effect

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Exploding Balloons

We have 3 versions of exploding balloons, one from the ceiling and one from the ground. Below is an exploding balloon effect from the ground. Other version of exploding balloon to reveal or launch a product can be done as well! Please contact us for a free consultation for your event.

Exploding Balloons and Confetti Launcher Special Effect

Exploding Balloon Special Effect Singapore

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Exploding Balloons with confetti drop

Grand Opening Balloon Exploding Effect Singapore

 Balloon Wall Explosion

Impress your client and guest with our balloon wall explosion effect at your launch event today! Our balloon artist is able to customise the size and colour of the wall, and activate the device with a button on the remote control. Depending on the size of the wall, we will require 2 hours for set up. Please also note that we can only place the balloon wall indoor or under sheltered area.

Balloon Explosion Launch Effect Singapore

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Recent Posts

Party Balloon Decoration Company in Singapore

That Balloons is an experienced local party balloon decoration company in Singapore that offers a wide range of customised balloon services. Over the years, we have done balloon decorations for private parties and events!

Our one-stop balloon decoration services cover a wide range of balloon decor items such as balloon arch, balloon pillars, organic balloon garland, customised balloon sculptures and many more. Below are some of the recent balloon decorations done by our in-house balloon artists:

Rainbow Balloon Decoration

Organic Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration

Large Rainbow Balloon Decoration Singapore Organic Rainbow Balloon Cloud Decoration


Pastel Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration

Rainbow Arch with Mushroom


Rainbow Hot Air Balloon with Clouds Decoration

Hot Air Balloon Display

White and blue helium


Spiral Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration

Spiral Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration Spiral Rainbow Balloon Arch Decoration with Words


Customised Balloon Sculpture Decoration

Our balloon artists can also customise your kids favourite balloon animals’ sculpture as well! Below are some of the customised balloon sculpture decorations we have done for our client’s private birthday party!

Giraffe and Monkey Arch

Balloon Giraffe Decoration in Singapore


Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

If you are looking for a classic balloon decoration for birthday party, you can consider having these trending organic balloon decoration as well! Great for a photo wall backdrop during cake-cutting ceremony, our organic balloon decoration length and size can be adjusted according to your living room wall size.

Organic Balloon Garland Decoration for Birthday Boy Organic Balloon Garland Decoration in Singapore

Organic Balloon Garland with Large Lighted Alphabet Display

Balloon Garland with Lighted Letters Rental

Balloon Number Display Decoration

Number Balloon Display

Our balloon arists are capable to customised any balloon decorations that you can think of. We are always willing to assist to deliver a blissful memory to your event with our balloon decorations. Feel free to approach to our friendly sales assistant for further discussion about the design of balloon decoration today!

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