Just like true artist, we want to make a different in every children’s birthday party with our passion. While we enjoy every moment surprising both children and adults with the balloon sculptures we created, your guest will enjoy watching our artist twist the balloons as well!

Singapore birthday partyDesigned and done by Chinbee Aw.

Balloon Octopus SingaporeBalloon Octopus bracelet designed and done by Kaden Tan.

More than just a balloon twisting service, our balloon artist ensure your guests love what they get. Our testimonial lies in the faces of these children below who got their balloons, while their happiness lies in these wonderful moment that stays in their memories. We love what we do.

For more pictures and info about our balloon twisting services, click here.

Contact our friendly sales manager Chinbee and we can arrange a balloon artist for your birthday party or event in Singapore! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Thank you!

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