The right time for balloons is a time of celebration, the giving of gifts. If you love balloons, you will love what our balloon artist can sculpt for you.  Below is a balloon arch for national day at Marina Bay Sands Singapore for the guest!

Singapore Balloon Arch

Designed by Kaden Tan. Done by Balloon Artist Kaden Tan, Norman Tan, Chinbee Aw and Pang Kai Xin.

We provide customisable balloon decorations service according to what our client wants, creating a new and unique designs even for our repeated clients. Below is a stage backdrop for an event in Roland Restaurant, with the theme “The Good Old Days”. The backdrop includes a balloon palm tree sculptures and balloon bicycle sculpture! Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Design by Kaden Tan. Done by Balloon Artist Kaden Tan and Jasmin Chua.

Simplicity at its best, our balloon artists are able create a professional looking balloon decoration’s items such as spiral balloon columns and spiral balloon arch for any events in Singapore. These balloon decoration’s designs are great for many events, especially for corporate companies or organisation.

To view our balloon decorations gallery, click here.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries. We look forward to fill up your event with balloons! Thank you!

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