Organic Balloon Garland Decoration in Singapore

When it comes to balloon decoration, That Balloons is no doubt the best balloon company to look for! We are proud to offer professional organic balloon garland decoration in Singapore for parties and events! From organic balloon arch, balloon pillars, or just about anywhere you wish to have balloons to fill up the empty space at your event, our professional balloon artists are here to help!

Our company offer professional balloon services with competitive rates in the industry. Below are some of our recent balloon decoration we did for our clients:

Organic Balloon Arch for School Graduation Ceremony

Organic Balloon Arch Decoration Singapore

Organic Balloon Columns Decoration

Organic Balloon Column Decoration

Other Organic Balloon Decoration

Organic Balloon Decoration Outdoor Restaurant Outdoor Organic Balloon Decor Organic Balloon Decoration for Corporate Office Halloween Theme Organic Balloon Garland Organic Balloon Decoration for Birthday Party Simple Organic Decor for baby Photoshoot Organic Balloon Garland Decoration Garden Theme Organic Balloon Garland Decor Singapore

No matter where your venue is, our organic balloon decoration concept can fit in just right! Simply contact our friendly sales assistant for a free consultation today!

Discover the full collection of our organic balloon decoration here.

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Best Balloon Delivery Service in Singapore

As the leading balloon company in Singapore providing a one-stop balloon services, we are proud to offer the best balloon delivery service in Singapore! Our unique balloon delivery services consist of customised balloon sculptures, personalised balloons, congratulatory balloon stand and many more!

With a wide range of balloon colours and types of balloons to choose from, you can be sure to find what you need for your upcoming party or event! If not, our balloon artists are able to customise the balloons according to your needs.

Helium Balloons Delivery in Singapore

We use eco-friendly biodegrade latex balloons for every job! We are proud to offer our helium balloons delivery in Singpaore using the highest quality balloons that come from 2 largest balloon suppliers in the world, Qualatex and Sempertex, made from USA.

Singapore Helium Balloons Delivery Cheap Helium balloons delivery singapore

Personalised Balloon Delivery

That Balloons is the first to offer personalised balloon delivery in Singapore! Place your message on this personalised balloons and send it to your loved ones as a gift! You can place your order on our balloon shop website!

Personalised Helium Balloon Delivery Singapore

Birthday Balloons Delivery Singapore

Balloon Number Display Delivery

Send a balloon number display to your loved ones on their birthday! Served both as a gift and balloon decorations, our personalised balloon number according to the theme of your event as well!

Balloon Number Display Delivery Singapore Balloon Number Delivery Baby Shark Theme

Still looking for the best balloon delivery service in Singapore? Look no further as we offer the most affordable balloon delivery at balloon shop Singapore!

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Themed Balloon Decorations for Hire in Singapore

We are proud to showcase our signature balloon services, themed balloon decorations for hire in Singapore! Themed balloon decor has never failed to wow your guests upon arrival. Surprise everyone with our customised balloon decorations for parties and events in Singapore!

We can customise almost anything…

With a strong team of balloon artists that have over 10 years of combined experiences, we are are known for our customised balloon designs and large scale balloon decorations! Below are some of the recent themed balloon decorations we have done:

Alien and Superhero Balloon Decorations

Here’s a good combination of our client’s favourite fictional characters! Our balloon super hero sculptures are one of the most popular choice that everyone loved!

Balloon Alien and Superhero Decoration for Party

CNY Balloon Decorations

Here’s a customised spiral balloon photo frame decoration with our Cai Shen Ye Balloon Sculpture!

CNY Balloon Photoframe Decoration

Construction theme balloon decoration

If you are worried that your request is impossible to customise with balloons, think again! Or simply check with our friendly sales assistant to find out if your request is possible. Here’s a construction theme balloon decoration we have done for our client’s party last month!

Balloon Photoframe Decoration Contruction Theme

Balloon Photo frame Decoration

Another customise balloon photo frame decoration we have done for our client’s party, with an additional balloon price and princess sculptures!

Japanese Balloon Photoframe Deocrations in Singapore

Balloon Prince and Princess Sculpture

Balloon Giraffe and Tree Arch Decoration

Our signature balloon arch decoration designed by our award winning balloon artist, Lily Tan, has appear on various balloon magazine and inspired by many professional balloon artists all over the world! Here’s 1 we did at our client’s birthday party!

Balloon Tree and Giraffee Arch Decoration Singapore

Discover the full list of our balloon decorations in Singapore here!

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Organic Balloon Garland Decorations for Birthday Party

As the leading balloon company in Singapore, our team of balloon artists have done over 1000 events throughout the years. Here we introduce our organic balloon garland decorations for birthday party! These bubble-looking balloons is the trending balloon decoration designs in many countries, including Singapore, and our balloon artist did a great job in creating one of the best organic balloon decor in the world.

Here we introduce our recent decorations we did for our client’s party! From just $198, you can find out the different organic balloon decoration packages we offer here!

Deluxe Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

Organic Balloon Decoration for Party Singapore Organic Balloon Garland for Party Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

Organic Balloon Decorations Singapore

Bespoke Organic Balloon Garland Decoration

Organic Balloon Garland Decoration for birthday party

Organic Balloon Arch Decoration

Here we have design another balloon decor for our client’s birthday party! The decoration includes a premium organic balloon arch, giant balloon heart with fairy lights and bundles of helium balloons!

Birthday Party Balloon Decorations Singapore Organic Balloon Backdrop Decorations Singapore Discover the full list of balloon decorations we offer here!

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Balloon Decoration Display in Singapore

Finish the touch with our premium balloon decoration display in Singapore! Have an upcoming event and got it all planned out but still feel like something is missing? Got all the programme flow and everything set but have no idea how to make it better?

Well here’s something for you! To finish the touches of your event, you can choose to add on some balloon decorations display that will instantly bloom up your event space and allow it to create that atmosphere that it was meant for.

Balloon Number Decorations

From balloon arches to columns that furnish your event venue, making it all grand and astonishing for your guests to walk past and walk under, it is a centrepiece of nearly all formal events such as gala dinner, prom nights or graduation ceremony. Or a huge giant real-life balloon sculpture that allows your event to stand out and imitate the actual figure. Or balloon name and numbers that you can now have at your birthday party or anniversaries wherever you wish to have!

Balloon name and number decoration Singapore

Balloon Number Display Deocration Delivery Singapore

Balloon Palm Tree Decorations

Here we have done balloon palm tree decorations for a meeting room at Hermes Singapore, private birthday party and a theatre show! Our balloon artist also did an amazing job designing a balloon photo frame decoration as well!


Balloon Palm Tree Decorations Hermes Balloon Sculpting Decorations

Christmas Theme Balloon Decoration

Here another satisfied return clients that hired us again for their Christmas party celebration! Our client surprise their family and friends with these cute balloon snowman sculpture and balloon christmas tree decor!

Chinese New Year Theme Balloon Decoration

Cai Shen Ye and Pineapple Balloon Sculpture Decoration Balloon Photoframe Decoration for Nova Space

Balloon Photoframe Decoration with Cai Shen Ye balloon sculpture

Venue Balloon Decorations

Looking to add some simple balloon element to hype up the atmosphere at your venue? Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out how we can decorate your space today! Here’s one we did at one of the F45 outlet!

Balloon decorations

At a low and affordable price that you can bring these beautifully made balloon decorations to your event, I assure you that it will definitely be worth every cent of your money!

We understand that many of our clients aren’t able to host a big party for their loved ones in Singapore due to the current Convid-19 restriction, we are now offering our new party balloon decorations packages for smaller parties in Singapore! From just $198, hire our experienced balloon artist to decorate your venue today!

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