Organic balloon decorations is a new trend in Singapore that is here to stay! Not just for food or gardening, organic is now also for balloon decorations as well. No doubt organic is also one of the best mood setter for any celebration in Singapore!

Get creative with our customised organic balloon decorations today! From organic balloon garland, organic balloon arch, organic balloon cloud on ceiling and many more! Find out more about our organic balloon decorations here.

Organic Balloon Garland Decorations on Ceiling

We are invited to Facebook HQ in Singapore to celebrate Instagram’s 9th anniversary! Here we did a ceiling balloon decorations using Instagram corporate colours and create a large organic balloon square on the ceiling. This organic balloon decoration’s concept comes from the idea of having a large Instagram logo on their office ceiling!

Organic Balloon Garland DecorationsOther than organic balloon decorations, our team have also done various balloon decorations as well! Discover more than 500 balloon decoration’s idea here!

Our balloon artists have also done another organic balloon concept at Garden by the Bay  that combines Art and Balloons. Imagine giant cocktails that spills balloon bubble, here’s how it looks like:

Organic Cocktail Balloon Decoration

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