Movie Theme Balloon Decorations

Creativity never ends…

We have constantly and consistantly meet our client’s expectation of sculpting and decorating their events with balloons. Handmade by our balloon artist, each and every ¬†balloon Sculptures go through long hours of planning and searching of the best materials that can be used for our client’s event.

Movie Theme DecorationsPopcorn Balloon Arch for a movie theme event for ISS Facility Services Pte Ltd at Changi General Hospital in Singapore. Design by our balloon artist Jazz Ang. Done by our balloon artists Jazz Ang, Ace Tan and Benedict.

Oscar Award Balloon SculptureOscar Balloon Sculpture Display at the entrance of the event.

Colourful Floating BalloonsFloating Helium Balloons with drop down ribbons at the entrance of the auditorium.

Here in That Balloons, our balloon artist do not just decorate a room…
We tell a story.

Discover our past balloon creations and get inspired for your upcoming events.
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    Im interested in the above popcorn balloon arch and oscar balloon sculpture, how much do those cost?

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