LED Lights Balloon Decorations

Make your balloon decorations sparkle to life!

Other than the usual balloon decorations you’ve seen, we provide LED lights balloon decorations where LED Lights are installed on the balloon sculptures to add substantial value and sparkle to your whole decoration. With LED lights, it also provides a much safer choice as it is difficult to break an LED bulb which also adds to the balloon display lifespan.

The LED light also comes in different lighting functions for you to customise from by just simply changing the lighting speed on the controller. The brightly lit up balloon decorations will be out to impress your guests with the unique use of its LED Technology to create a dramatic visual impact for the audience.

Enjoy the art of illumination with us now!

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.