Who doesn’t love to have floating balloons at their birthday party?

When it comes to special occasion, balloons can brighten anyone’s mood no matter how old they are! For our promotion on That Balloons, we offer helium balloons at just $1 per piece! With just a minimum of 50 pieces of helium balloons, you can do a self-collection at Bukit Batok Train Station in Singapore!

Kai Xin That Balloons

Our helium balloons promotion’s rate

Every 50 pieces: $50/-
Only Self Collection available: No Charges.
Sales Ends on 31st July 2014

Our helium balloons usual rates:

10 pieces (Minimum): $1.80/piece
50 pieces: $1.60/piece
100 pieces and above: $1.50/piece

Self Collection (Bukit Batok MRT Station): $5/-
Delivery: $30/-

Surprise your friends with floating helium balloons today with just $1/pc! Contact our friendly sales assistant, Kai Xin (Balloon Shop Manager) at thatballoonshop@gmail.com now! Thank you!

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