Graduation-Themed Balloon Decorations

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Graduation-Themed Balloon Decorations

November is a month filled with joy and melancholy because there are many graduation ceremonies are taking place in this month. Parents and teachers are happy with the transformation of the kids while students feel sad for growing apart from friends.

Awards Day Balloon Decor 1

Awards Day Balloon Decor

Stage Balloon Decor

Graduation shouldn’t be a sad occasion, instead, we should take it as a good time to create memories with friends so let our balloon decorations cheer up the atmosphere and bring a wonderful memory to every students!  Let’s see how That Balloons delivered joy to primary and secondary students for their graduation ceremonies!

Shooting Star Balloon Columns

Rainbow Themed Shooting Star Balloon Columns e1638166276639

Rainbow Star column balloon Star Column Balloon

We belive our colourful shooting star balloon columns will help students chase away their unhappiness from graduate from previous school. These spiral rainbow balloon columns symbolise sign of hope, In Christian culture, a rainbow promises better times to come. Perphaps growing apart from previous school’s friends is not as terrible as you think, you can take this as an opportunity to know more friends and widen circle of friends .

Graduation-Themed Helium Balloon Bundles

Helium Balloon Bundle

Helium balloon bundles serves as a mobile balloon decoration which easy to move around by layman without getting any assistance from professional balloon artists. Due to the flexibility placement, party or event owner is able to take control of the placement anytime whenever they change their mind of the placement.

Balloon Arch Decorations

Red blue and yellow arch with gold foil balloon

That Balloons creates amazing balloon arch decorations that will definitely add WOW effect to your prize presentation, graduation ceremony or other similar events. We are always here to customise unique design for your stage to match your event.

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