Flight theme venue decorations

Our balloon artists have done various venue decorations in the past few years. You can find hundreds of decorations’ inspiration on our balloon decoration’s gallery. Last month, our balloon artists have successfully done a flight theme balloon decorations featuring a life-size hot air balloon, a giant aeroplane and a hot air balloon theme arch!Flight theme balloon decorations
One way to spread the words of your event is to have “instagram-worthy” photos for your guest to take photos with and posting it on their social media. Here’s our work at Cornerstone Community Church’s hall.

Hot-air Balloon ArchHotair Balloon ArchLarge Balloon Aeroplane.
Balloon Plane SculptureBalloon Aeroplane Sculpture copy
Balloon Signage.

Balloon Arrow Signage Display

Giant Hot-air Balloon Sculpture.Giant Hotair Balloon SculptureWe are glad that their guest enjoyed the decorations we have done and we look forward to working with them again! Our team would also like to wish everyone here a very happy 2018 new year ahead!

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