Customised Large Balloon Sculpture Decorations in Singapore

Here we did a large flying balloon dragon sculpture in a house!

Here in That Balloons, we offer a one-stop balloon decoration services for parties and events in Singapore! Our customised large balloon sculpture decorations has endless possibilities. Whatever you can think of, we can create. With over 10 years of experiences, our balloon artists are one of the best you can ever find in Singapore.

Here’s our recent balloon decoration done for a birthday party!

Toothless Dragon Balloon Sculpture

Our balloon artist decided that we can make the dragon “fly”, by having this balloon sculpture installed on their ceiling!

Balloon Toothless Dragon Sculpture on Ceiling Singapore Balloon Toothless Dragon Sculpture Flying Balloon Dragon Sculpture Decoration Balloon Decorations for Birthday Party Singapore

Fox in Socks Balloon Decoration

Another customise cartoon balloon decoration, Fox in Socks, done by our in house balloon artists! A number balloon display and a balloon backdrop decoration with a Fox in Socks balloon sculpture.

Balloon Wall Decoration with Fox Balloon Sculpture Number Balloon Decoration Display with Fox Sculpture

Totoro Balloon Sculpture Decoration

Here’s a customised Totoro balloon sculpture decoration delivered for a birthday party surprise!

Totoro Balloon Sculpture Decoration

Baby Shark Balloon Decoration

Another customised baby shark balloon decoration done for our client!

Baby Shark Balloon Decoration Display Singapore

Looking for other customised balloon sculpture decoration inspiration? Need to customise a cartoon character, logo or any large display with balloons for your upcoming event? Contact us to find out how we can create your idea with balloons!

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