Celebrating your upcoming birthday during this period can be just as unique and fun with balloons! Here in That Balloons, our balloon artists can customise almost ANYTHING with balloons. Surprise your loved ones with our balloon delivery service by balloon shop, or recreate and decorate your venue with our venue balloon styling service.

Below are a few of the birthday party balloon decorations we have done for our clients over the last few days:

Giant Balloon Birthday Cake Sculpture Decoration

Balloon Birthday Cake Decorations

Balloon Name Decoration

Balloon Name Decorations Singapore

Organic Balloon Styling

Organic Balloon Decoration Birthday Party

Balloon Foil Number Display

Balloon Foil Number Decorations Singapore

Helium Balloon Bundles Decorations

Birthday Party Balloon Decorations Singapore

Looking for balloon decoration ideas? Discover the full collection of our balloon decorations here.

Contact us now for a free consultation of how we can style and decorate your venue with balloons! Feel free to let us know if you would like to us to send a personalised balloon sculpture to surprise your loved ones as well.

As the trusted balloon company in Singapore, each of our in-house balloon artist has more than 5 years of experience in the industry; you can therefore have a peace of mind when booking with our balloon services.

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