Best Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Are you looking for the Best Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore 2022? That Balloons has done over 1000 balloon decor for various parties and events. This year, our balloon artists have been hired to decorate over 200 venues! We would like to thank our clients for trusting our services over the years. Below are some of the private party balloon decorations done by our in-house balloon artists:

Best Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Our organic balloon garland with round backdrop has been one our most popular balloon decor items this year! Create memorable moments by decorating your stage or cake-cutting area. Cake stands rental are available as well!

White and Gold Organic Balloon Garland round backdrop Organic Balloon Round Backdrop

Organic balloon garland decor is a trend that is here to stay! From a customise birthday backdrop to having a balloon garland to enhance the featured backdrop you already have, we are here to help create the perfect decoration for your party!

Round Organic Balloon Garland Decoration Organic Balloon Garland Half Arc

Additionally, you can also have customised balloon sculptures or balloon number display to compliment the organic balloon garland decor as well!

Organic Balloon Decor for Birthday Party Singapore Balloon Sculpture custom Singapore Simple Balloon Decorations Singapore Cheap Balloon Decor in Singapore

Our balloon decorations starts from just $198 onwards, simply let us know your preferred balloon decor designs to get a free quote from us!

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