Balloon Sculptures for Parties

That Balloons provide custom balloon services for your party or events! Unlike normal printing balloons, we create a balloon sculptures to wow your guest!

Below are a few customised balloon sculpture displays at different birthday party.
Balloon Elephant and Lion DisplayBalloon Elephant and Balloon Lion Sculptures!Balloon Soccer Ball

Balloon Soccer Ball in a Restaurant!

Balloon SushiBalloon Sushi for a birthday celebration!

Balloon Tuna

Balloon Salmon Sushi and Balloon Tuna Sushi Sculptures.

Other than customising balloons for your guest, other customised services such as Wire Art, Face Painting, Airbrush Tattoo and Caricature Drawing can be attractive to your guest as they can interact with the artist and receive a personal gift.

Click here to find out more about what other services we provide.

Feel free to contact our sales manager to find out more details about the customisable services we do, that are able to make your event a memorable one!

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