Balloon Sculpture Delivery in Singapore

During this circuit breaker period, our team of balloon artists have created a list of unique and customised balloon gifts. These personalised balloon sculptures hand crafted and delivered by our team of balloon artist, as we ensure the balloon sculptures remain at its best condition when delivering to your loved ones.

More than just a gift… balloons magically brings up the mood of a person receiving it. We customise each and every details according to our customers request, so that every balloons is truly personalised and different from another.

Classic Balloon Flower Bouquet

Classic Balloon Flower Bouquet

Chrome Balloon Flower Bouquet

Flower Balloon Bouquet Delivery Singapore

Animal Balloon Flower Bouquet

Colourful Balloon Flowers and Animal Sculptures

Girl on Unicorn Balloon Sculpture Display

Balloon Girl on Unicorn Sculpture Delivery Singapore

Chrome Dino Balloon Sculpture Delivery

Chrome Balloon Dinosaur Sculpture Delivery

Discover the art of balloon sculpture with That Balloons’ award winning balloon artists.

You can now order balloons from our online balloon shop delivery, or contact us to place your customised order request today.