To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Twitter, we are honoured to be engaged by Twitter to do up balloon frame decorations to add up to the joyous atmosphere of the event celebration.

twitter balloon deco

Twitter requested for a spiral balloon frame decorations mainly made up with colours of white and blue to represent their logo (Blue Soaring Bird) as well as sliver foiled balloons to be used for their company name to stand out from the decoration.

Additional details such as the hash-tags, reply, re-tweet as well as the 3D favourite button are also added to the balloon decorations as well to further enhance the decorations to provide an eye-catching experience for all and also a potable photobooth for precious moments.

balloon artists

Our Balloon Artists

At ThatBalloons, we work with professional balloon artists as we value all our guests and aims to provide 100% satisfaction for our services.

Last but not the LEAST…..

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter!

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.


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